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Pulitzer Center Update October 31, 2016

Pulitzer Center Retro: 10 Years and Counting

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(Photographs by Jin Ding)

We've gone from supporting a dozen projects a year to more than 130 a year. And we've also experimented with different media, extended our outreach, built an education program, and developed many relationships. We've made friends with people from all over the world—many joined us for our 10th anniversary coming from as far away as Shanghai, Manila, and Berlin. Several are pictured in the photos above.

Some were unable to come due to distance or other constraints. We appreciated the messages, the tweets, and all the good karma—and you were very much missed.

Memories we have shared stretch far and wide: treks through Ubekistan, boat journeys in Bangladesh, YouTube contests, conferences in Beijing and Bali, trips (multiple) to visa offices, performances of Voices of Haiti in Port-au-Prince, school and college visits (also multiple), the Crown reception at the Tribune Tower, picnics in the park (with a folding chair or two), and the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston Salem.

We want to thank all our grantees, student fellows, former staff, friends, family, and partners for all you have done to create and support quality journalism while "illuminating dark places" and to provide those "seeds of hope" you have documented so well.