Pulitzer Center Update

Pulitzer Center journalists cover Afghanistan

Tatum Taylor, Pulitzer Center

As the post-election drama continues and publicity over the US military's counterinsurgency strategies grows, journalists are increasingly turning their attention towards Afghanistan. Pulitzer Center journalists have been consistently reporting from Afghanistan in order to inform the conversation, and we wanted to share with you the range of their work.

After numerous accusations of fraud following the August 20 presidential election in Afghanistan, the Electoral Complaints Commission on September 8 ordered a partial recount of the ballots. For the past year, Jason Motlagh has been reporting from Afghanistan for the Pulitzer Center, and he has followed the election, from the preparations and Taliban threats to the aftermath of rising tensions and fraud charges. Most recently, Jason examines Germany's role in the war in Afghanistan (TIME) and reports on the increased Taliban attacks in north Afghanistan (The Washington Times). Also, Jason speaks again with Joe Rubin on FRONTLINE/World's iWitness, this time about his experiences reporting from Afghanistan and on the controversial election results. For all of Jason's reporting from Afghanistan, see Afghanistan: Civilians Under Siege.

IMG_0674 Vanessa Gezari and Nir Rosen provide two different angles on the US military's counterinsurgency efforts in Afghanistan. In Human Terrain: The new counterinsurgency? Vanessa examines an experimental Pentagon program sending teams of civilian anthropologists into the war zones. Currently embedded with a Human Terrain team attached to the Marines in Helmand Province, she answers questions about her article in The Washington Post Magazine on the human terrain program in Afghanistan. Nir has also embedded with troops in Afghanistan and offers his observations on counterinsurgency in Afghanistan: The Limits of Counterinsurgency. He reports on the war in Afghanistan and his embedding experience on Democracy Now!

Foreign Exchange is featuring an interview with Nir on his reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Shaun McCanna's video "Afghanistan: Education in Peril." Learn more about Shaun's reporting project, Education in Afghanistan: Opportunity in Peril. Both videos begin airing September 11 and will be available for viewing online after September 15.

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