Pulitzer Center Update

Pulitzer Center Global Gateway Initiative Featured in Ecology of Education

Ecology of Education, a multi-author blog dedicated to exploring and enriching debate surrounding education issues, featured the Pulitzer Center's Global Gateway initiative in, "The Pulitzer Center - Relevant Learning, Authentic Engagement," excerpted below.

The Pulitzer Center - Relevant Learning, Authentic Engagement

Jason Flom

Ecology of Education

Where do you point your students for news? Fox? NBC? NPR? NY Times? CNN?

When you want something a bit different, something less corporate, where do you look? Media Matters? The Daily Show? Indy Media? Rush? Huffington? Crooks and Liars?

What if you want ground-breaking, objective, mixed media journalism with a global perspective, that creates connections and collaborations between professional journalists and students, and embodies the integrity of one of the most respected awards in writing? Uh . . . Um . . .

Enter, The Pulitzer Center and the student-friendly Pulitzer Gateway, stage right, providing students (of all ages) with access to stories out of the mainstream, but apposite to challenges both home and abroad.