Ending AIDS: Behind the Scenes

Jon Cohen has covered HIV/AIDS for Science magazine since 1990, and during the first half of 2016, he coordinated an unusual collaboration with support from the Pulitzer Center that focuses on ending AIDS epidemics around the world. In addition to print and online stories for Science overseen by his longtime editor Leslie Roberts, this project led to six segments that aired on the PBS NewsHour put together by correspondent William Brangham and health producer Jason Kane, a BuzzFeed story edited by Mark Schoofs (who won the Pulitzer for his own HIV/AIDS reporting), and a documentary on UCTV by producer Shannon Bradley about Diane Havlir, a driving force behind the ending AIDS movement globally who also heads the HIV/AIDS program at San Francisco General Hospital.

The "Ending AIDS" project covers efforts in sub-Saharan Africa and the United States, focusing on South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. This slideshow takes a behind-the-scenes look at the people the journalists met along the way and the places they visited. A video shows doctors, nurses and patients singing a song to start the day at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in rural Zimbabwe. The photos are shot on everything from high-end Canon cameras to an iPhone.