November 20, 2014 / Instagram
Peter Gwin
Notes from the field by National Geographic editor and Pulitzer Center grantee Peter Gwin, reporting from Central African Republic earlier this year.
November 17, 2014 / Untold Stories
Robert Eric Shoemaker
Paolo the economist sweats, oils his palms, tars his print-press at high noon. He worries with his bone-knife— Who will buy? Who’ll buy?
November 14, 2014 /
Lauren Shepherd, Jon Sawyer
Hear from journalists, academic experts on religion's unlikely role in meeting environmental challenges in China.
November 11, 2010 / Human Rights Watch
Marcus Bleasdale
In a joint reporting project of Human Rights Watch and the Pulitzer Center, victims of one of Africa's most notorious rebel groups make personal appeals for U.S. leadership.
November 9, 2010 / Untold Stories
Paul Franz
"Haiti's Lost Generation" explores education in Haiti - a critical issue that has been overshadowed by the grave humanitarian crises which followed the January, 2010 earthquake.
Image by Jen Marlowe, Sudan, 2010.
October 25, 2010 / Halogen
Jen Marlowe
As its television premiere, Rebuilding Hope will air on Halogen on November 6 and 7th.
Image by Sean Gallagher, China, 2010.
October 21, 2010 / Untold Stories
Sean Gallagher
Mangroves are vital for protecting coastlines, harboring wildlife and have a nutrient base on par with rainforests. A worldwide decrease of 50 percent signals their survival is at risk.
October 18, 2010 / Untold Stories
Joe Bavier
Forced to live in a tent just 25 km from his abandoned village in Central African Republic, this man and his family are among thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) pushed from their homes...
October 13, 2010 / Untold Stories
Kwame Dawes
In his fourth video diary, poet and reporter Kwame Dawes discusses the dramatic rise of gender-based violence and rape in camps in post-earthquake Haiti, and the potential for a related rise in HIV
October 8, 2010 / Untold Stories
Kwame Dawes
In his third video diary, award-winning poet Kwame Dawes discusses an HIV/AIDS information hotline outside of Port-au-Prince.
Refugee Camp in Haiti. Photo by Andre Lambertson
October 6, 2010 / Untold Stories
Kwame Dawes, Andre Lambertson
In the second edition of his video diaries, Kwame Dawes discusses the increasing sexual activity in the IDP and refugee camps in Haiti.
October 5, 2010 / Untold Stories
Kwame Dawes, Andre Lambertson
"Precious are the Feet of Those..." is the second in a series of visual poems chronicling challenges faced by Haitians infected, and affected, by HIV/AIDS in the aftermath of the earthquake.
The Chinese Alligator
September 20, 2010 / Untold Stories
Sean Gallagher
Only 120 Chinese alligators are now estimated to be left in the wild, as a result of wetlands reclamation since the 1950's.