October 10, 2012 /
Paul Salopek
Journalist Paul Salopek is preparing to leave on a journey that will take seven years and span 39 countries—and he is doing it all on foot.
February 10, 2016 /
Carina Storrs
Why don’t certain vaccines work as well in low-income countries as they do in the U.S. and other high-income countries? And how can we shrink the gap?
The traditional blanket toss at the annual whaling feast in Point Hope, Alaska on June 16, 2015.
February 9, 2016 /
Julia O'Malley, Katie Orlinsky
How is climate change challenging Native communities across rural Alaska where hunting, fishing and foraging for food anchors cultures and economies? And what happens when whale meat begins to spoil?
May 16, 2012 / Untold Stories
Kathryn Joyce
Short waiting periods and high availability of young children have made Ethiopia an international adoption hot spot. Babies have become a major "export" but corruption is rampant.
May 16, 2012
Joshua Kucera
Grantee Joshua Kucera talks about the new arms race among the five Caspian countries, the unprecedented militarization of this "sea of peace" and what's really behind it.
May 16, 2012
Aria Curtis
Former President Jimmy Carter highlights Helen Branswell's Polio reporting when speaking to a group of health journalists in Atlanta.
May 15, 2012 / PRI's The World
Dan Grossman
Mongolia has warmed roughly four degrees Fahrenheit—more than almost anywhere else on Earth. The resulting erratic weather threatens the nomadic, pastoral lifestyle of half of Mongolia's population.
May 10, 2012 / Untold Stories
Joshua Kucera
Kazakhstan's ambitious president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, is spending freely on new weapons. He also wants his country to build a world-class armaments industry.
May 9, 2012 / Untold Stories
Marcus Bleasdale
In Tanzania the fight against tuberculosis and HIV begins with information and removing the stigma from both diseases.
May 7, 2012 / Untold Stories
Jessie Deeter
A year after the revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, what has become of the people, the politics and the economy of Tunisia?
May 7, 2012
Bobby Bascomb
Pulitzer Center grantee Bobby Bascomb visited Senegal to look at the progress of Africa's Great Green Wall, a project aimed at slowing the desertification of the Sahel region.
May 7, 2012 / BBC
Dominic Bracco II, Susana Seijas
A former school drop-out, Esteban Ruiseco is the type of teenager Mexico's drug cartels prey upon. And he might have joined them, if the clarinet hadn't given him hope for a better future.
April 25, 2012 / PBS NewsHour
Tecee Boley, Steve Sapienza, Peter Sawyer
Liberian journalist Tecee Boley and NewsHour special correspondent Steve Sapienza on why the after-effects of war and a lack of accountability mean poor access to clean water and sanitation.