In New Delhi, a rising population is straining water resources, making having enough of the basic resource anything but guaranteed.

Groundwater reserves are dwindling due to economic growth, and subsidies to farmers make water cheap, exacerbating the problem.

This piece is part of a reporting collaboration on population issues between PBS NewsHour, National Geographic, and the Pulitzer Center.


The search for jobs fuels population growth of at least 500,000 per year in India's capital city of New Delhi.  Access to drinking water is a daily scramble.


October 17, 2012 /
Uliana Bazar
Panel discussion at the Woodrow Wilson Center with Kenneth Weiss of the LA Times, Pulitzer Center's Tom Hundley and Ohio University's Geoffrey Dabelko on the impacts of population growth.
March 5, 2012 /
Fred de Sam Lazaro
How will our lives be affected as the world population climbs to 9 billion by 2050?