The Penan people are little in stature, little in number and little in the eyes of the government. 

Gentle former nomads, the Penan are now on the frontline of a struggle to save the last unprotected rainforest of Sarawak. They are up against the Goliaths of Malaysian logging, multi-billion dollar conglomerates advancing on the last of Sarawak’s virgin forests, and leaving behind a wasteland of palm oil plantations.


For the “little peoples” - a reference to both physical stature and political clout - loss of the rainforests to loggers and palm oil plantations has been a high price to pay for bio-fuel production.


January 14, 2013 /
James Whitlow Delano, Mellissa Fung
Delano and Fung share their reporting on the impact of logging and mining on indigenous peoples in Malaysia and Panama.
February 2, 2012 / Asia Society
Aria Curtis
The Asia Society interviews James Whitlow Delano about his reporting on deforestation, palm oil production and its effect on indigenous people in Malaysia.