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April 26, 2016 Amanda Williams
Individual firewood collection is only one of many sources of deforestation in Tanzania, but it is one that has numerous consequences.
April 26, 2016
Nathalie Moore
With increased concern about insider threats within the military and growing anti-immigration rhetoric across the United States, the citizenship-for-service program in the military faces an uncertain...
April 26, 2016
Talia Schmitt
Organizations use the same ‘climate-smart’ catchphrase to convey very different ideas about certain agricultural practices, leaving many farmers confused and concerned.
November 10, 2015 / Untold Stories
Pankaj Khadka
A success story of a former school administrator who left for Qatar for greener pastures and, after a couple of years in the Gulf, decided to return to his hometown and change his fortune.
November 6, 2015 / Untold Stories
Olivia Conti
Why do people in Cape Coast, Ghana, not wear shoes? This video explores reasons that range from financial struggles to career choices.
November 5, 2015 / Untold Stories
Sydney Combs
Maasai women provide for their families while uniting to fight harsh stigmas against businesswomen.
November 4, 2015 / Untold Stories
Diana Crandall
In Costa Rica a Bribri community is cultivating a recycling initiative to protect their fragile tropical ecosystem from what they believe are the damaging effects of climate change.
November 4, 2015 / Untold Stories
Priya Ramchandra
Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, located in one of the world's holiest places, has long been a place for India's poor to get the care they need.
November 3, 2015 / Untold Stories
Ann Schraufnagel
Can school sanitation help eliminate open defecation in India?
November 1, 2015 / Untold Stories
Pierre Kattar
A water tunnel project that promises to deliver clean drinking water to Nepalis living in Kathmandu is seven years behind schedule.
October 31, 2015 / Untold Stories
Charlotte Bellomy
For Muslim youth growing up in Paris, whether or not they "feel French" is influenced by the challenges they face growing up.
October 31, 2015 / Untold Stories
Priya Ramchandra
The organizational structure of Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences puts it in a unique position to care for Andhra Pradesh's poor.
October 31, 2015 / Untold Stories
John Soper
When oil was discovered off the Ghanaian coast in 2007, many citizens thought this would translate into significant economic development. Development has come slower than expected.