October 20, 2009 /
The HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean Gateway examines the impact of the disease across the Caribbean. The reporting in this Gateway uses articles, photography, videos, as well as original poetry and music,...
January 11, 2009 /
This Gateway provides compelling material related to the role of women in society and the impact of industrialization and international development on women, children, and families.
November 24, 2014 /
Jon Sawyer, Fiona Lloyd-Davies
Ending sexual violence is a moral challenge that isn’t confined to a faraway place in Africa.
August 31, 2012 / Untold Stories
Melissa Turley
South African sex workers say it isn’t the clients they service they are most afraid of – it’s the police. Abuse is rampant and includes assault, exploitation, and bribery.
August 30, 2012
Caroline D'Angelo, Jennifer McDonald
Nigerian journalist Ameto Akpe to answer your questions via video on government accountability, and water and sanitation. Submit your question today!
August 28, 2012 / Untold Stories
Caroline D'Angelo
In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac, flooded tents and concerns about the spread of cholera show that Haiti is still vulnerable to natural disasters.
August 28, 2012
Simeon Tegel
From drought in Chihuahua to vanishing glaciers in Ecuador, Simeon Tegel reports that Latin America is already being hit hard by climate change.
August 28, 2012
Jennifer McDonald
"There are ways to hold government accountable and do it at a very local level," said Samuel Loewenberg at the University of Chicago's educators conference.
August 27, 2012 / Untold Stories
Andre Lambertson
Rosean Andre, a rape victim who works for KOFAVIV, an organization established by—and for—rape survivors, struggles to stay afloat in post-quake Haiti.
August 23, 2012 / Untold Stories
Andrew Faust
With convenient and seemingly endless options, Dubai’s lifestyle has evolved to reflect its consumer-driven culture.
August 20, 2012 / Untold Stories
Adam Janofsky
What can't stay in homes is thrown onto streets, and what can't stay on streets is dumped in rivers. With poor waste removal, one of the world's largest cities deals with trash in whatever way it can...
August 20, 2012 / Untold Stories
Andrew Faust
Dubai’s current obesity crisis is mainly the result of the wealthy emirate’s convenience-driven culture.
August 20, 2012 / Untold Stories
Andrew Faust
Fast food fits naturally with Dubai's booming expansion and fast-paced lifestyle. Obesity has become an unwanted by-product.