April 22, 2014 / Untold Stories
Jina Moore
Jina Moore looks at the different uses of vulture funds.
April 21, 2014 / The Nation
Aaron Ross, Rijasolo
Dishonest employment agencies are only part of the problem. Cutting international aid to corrupt or incompetent governments only makes things worse.
April 21, 2014 /
Jina Moore
Investors have made millions suing the world's poorest countries over bad debts—but these so-called vulture funds may not be as bad as they sound.
A girl carries cans of water. Image by Alex Stonehill. Ethiopia, 2008.
October 7, 2010
Christina Maria Paschyn
On Wednesday October 6, experts and advocates discussed methods to improve water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and instruction for school children in the developing world.
Image by Deena Guzder. Pakistan, 2010.
October 7, 2010 / Untold Stories
Deena Guzder
In post-flood Pakistan, the psychological trauma of displacement ripples throughout the country, but mental health workers are few and far between.
October 7, 2010 / Untold Stories
Deena Guzder
Floods in Sukkur, Pakistan exacerbate poverty and social tensions as relief efforts create an uneasy collaboration between corporate and humanitarian interests.
Guinean acrobat Yamoussa Bangoura performing with Artcirq in Ottawa in 2009.
October 6, 2010 / Untold Stories
Linda Matchan
A school that is part academics, part circus, educates and inspires youth living amidst Guinea's infrastructural problems, poor public health and political corruption.
October 4, 2010 / Untold Stories
Deena Guzder
Sukkur, Pakistan, now dotted with an estimated 200 camps for internally displaced people, was the frontline for flood damage caused by the overflowing Indus River.
October 4, 2010 / The New Republic
Rebecca Hamilton
One girl's struggle to escape a child marriage in Sudan.
October 1, 2010 / Untold Stories
Deena Guzder
Fashion designer Yousuf Bashir Qureshi is among many Pakistanis who, lacking faith in the government, took flood relief efforts into their own hands.
October 1, 2010
Linda Matchan
In November Artcirq will travel to Guinea to collaborate with acrobats from the circus troupe, Kalabante. The film crew is requesting donations to document this trip.
September 30, 2010 / Untold Stories
Deena Guzder
Relief camps provide temporary homes for many previously impoverished and now displaced by severe flooding in Pakistan.
September 30, 2010 / Untold Stories
William Wheeler
They say that an earthquake is an act of God, but the death toll is a man-made disaster. Learning from weaknesses in past construction, one charity is teaching Haitian masons new building practices...