October 20, 2009 /
The HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean Gateway examines the impact of the disease across the Caribbean. The reporting in this Gateway uses articles, photography, videos, as well as original poetry and music,...
January 11, 2009 /
This Gateway provides compelling material related to the role of women in society and the impact of industrialization and international development on women, children, and families.
May 21, 2015 /
Sim Chi Yin
China’s deadly mining accidents hit the international news headlines frequently. But the country's top occupational disease, pneumoconiosis, kills three times as many miners each year.
Sex Trafficking in Thailand
July 26, 2011
Anna Tomasulo, Christina Maria Paschyn
On June 23rd, CNN and the Alliance to End Slavery & Trafficking hosted a panel on modern day slavery. Participants included Mira Sorvino, Luis CdeBaca, and trafficking survivor, Rani Hong.  
July 23, 2011 / Time
Samuel Loewenberg
Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled their country to escape famine, but they are not finding significant improvement in living conditions when they arrive at the Dadaab complex.
July 19, 2011 / Untold Stories
Jesse Hardman
Labor recruiters or "brokers" help Burmese migrants cross the border into Thailand. Once here, migrants work long hours under harsh conditions to repay the brokers.
July 18, 2011 / Untold Stories
Antigone Barton
Chileshe, a Zambian nurse, sees 25 patients a week, many with HIV-related illnesses. She opened the clinic, the first in her community, after her mother died without easy access to health care.
July 13, 2011 / Al Jazeera
Steve Sapienza
Up to a million Haitians, and descendants of Haitians, are being affected by a new law about citizenship in the Dominican Republic. Many could face deportation, despite being born in the country.
July 12, 2011 / The Atlantic, Untold Stories
Helen Branswell
Indian officials are working to end the transmission of polio within the country, launching extra rounds of immunization in high-risk areas.
July 11, 2011 / Untold Stories
Helen Branswell
In an effort to vaccinate all children under five, teams of polio eradication health workers visit homes in Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh state. Areas with poor sanitation are considered high-risk.
July 9, 2011
Pulitzer Center's reporting projects on post-earthquake Haiti, produced in collaboration with leading news-media outlets and YouTube, is co-winner of Joan Friedenberg Award for online journalism.
July 8, 2011 / The Washington Post
Jason Motlagh
In Minsk, during the worst economic crisis since the fall of the USSR, youth take to the streets to protest Lukashenko, seeking a revolution through social media. Will the rest of Belarus join them?
July 6, 2011 / Untold Stories
Nicole Salazar
After the January 25 revolution in Egypt, 1500 families were evicted from their homes in Cairo and have set up makeshift camps. Homeless protesters are now demanding affordable housing.