April 6, 2016 / Untold Stories
Kit R. Roane
Alan Robock thought his "nuclear winter" research was big news, and in one corner of the the world it was.
April 5, 2016 / WNYC Radio
Kit R. Roane
WNYC's Jack D'Isidoro and T.J. Raphael report on Nuclear Winter after grantee Kit R. Roane releases a Retro Report documentary for The New York Times on the topic.
March 10, 2016 /
Seiler Smith, Nicolas Pelham
The Middle East has not seen peace in decades—could that be on the path to change?
Russian army officers pose in front of a launch vehicle that once transported a Topol M intercontinental ballistic missile. The launcher is now at display at the Russian Defense Ministry's brand-new "Patriot Park," which also includes rockets, tanks and other armored vehicles that are particularly popular with small boys. Image by Rachel Oswald. Russia, 2015.
November 20, 2015
Rachel Oswald
Ongoing U.S.-Russia tensions around Ukraine have spilled over into the nuclear weapons realm, putting at risk decades of post-Cold War effort to foster nuclear predictability, stability, and safety.
November 20, 2015 / CQ Roll Call
Rachel Oswald
Nikolai Ponomarev-Stepnoi dedicated decades of his career to a U.S.-Russian effort to prevent nuclear proliferation. Today, the retired nuclear scientist is glumly watching it all fall apart.
November 19, 2015 / Quartz
Misha Friedman
At the end of 2014, Ekaterine Zguladze was assigned a task many had thought unrealistic: Implement police reforms in Ukraine, where citizens have associated the militsiya with corruption.
November 17, 2015 / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Rich Lord, Larry Roberts
Rich Lord and Larry Roberts talk about their reporting project in Israel on the 20th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.
November 12, 2015
Elisabeth Zerofsky
A political party that grew out of Sarajevo's re-emerging post-war cultural scene is trying to help build a functional state in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
November 12, 2015 / Harper's
Elisabeth Zerofsky
Can Bosnia escape the stranglehold of ethnic politics?
November 12, 2015
Lauren Shepherd, Marvin Kalb, Dimiter Kenarov, Sarah A. Topol
Regional reporting and historical prospectives create fertile ground for conversation between Sarah Topol, Dimiter Kenarov and Marvin Kalb.
November 12, 2015 / PBS NewsHour
Daniel Sagalyn
Designing and building nuclear bombs is one of the U.S. government’s most secretive activities. Here's a photo tour of the updates under way on one of those weapons—the B61 bomb.
November 10, 2015
Jon Sawyer, Daniel Sagalyn
In $8 billion nuclear bomb upgrade a debate over what constitutes “new."
November 6, 2015 / PBS NewsHour
Daniel Sagalyn, Jamie McIntyre
Background interviews by PBS NewsHour with experts and critics on the U.S.'s $8 billion plan to modernize the B-61 nuclear bomb.