Editor's note

The Pulitzer Center removed from its website all content associated with this project after discovering that one of the "Untold Stories" dispatches submitted by grantee Mustafah Abdulaziz in a related project ("The Purifying Ganges") contained multiple instances of plagiarism from previously published articles.

When confronted with this evidence Abdulaziz said the material in question had been contributed by Indian photojournalist Akshay Mahajan, who traveled along the Ganges with Abdulaziz and was featured in the dispatch but who was not himself a Pulitzer Center grantee. Mahajan acknowledged his guilt in an email to the Pulitzer Center.

Our grantees are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of material they submit to the Pulitzer Center. We do not tolerate plagiarism, as we explicitly state in the Ethics and Standards Policy that is posted on our website and that we require all journalists to read as a condition of our reporting grants. We apologize to the publications and journalists whose work was abused.

For comments or questions, please email Caroline D'Angelo at contact@pulitzercenter.org.