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Cambodia: "Girls on Fire"

With the help of local NGOS, former sex workers in Cambodia are starting their own businesses, working in cafes or learning new trades such as sewing and screen printing.

Brazil: Occupy Cabral

Occupy Cabral is a movement of young activists, students, and unrepresented people of Rio de Janeiro. They are asking for change — and some are demanding the resignation of Governor Cabral.

Scotland: Stage Set for Momentous Vote

The rich and historic Scottish lands serve as the stage set for a critical independence debate in 2014. Will Scotland part ways the United Kingdom after more than 300 years?

Burma: Human Trafficking in Kachin

Large-scale displacement, lack of refugee protection, shortages of humanitarian aid and easy access to national boundaries have fueled widespread human trafficking in Burma's Kachin State.

Scotland: The New Nationals

No party in Scottish politics has generated as much heated discussion as the Scottish National Party, the first to push for secession from the United Kingdom.

Nicaragua: These Women Had Dreams

While the government makes superficial strides towards gender equality, women in Nicaragua are suffering from physical, sexual and emotional abuse at alarming rates.