At the age of 19, Luleka Che was diagnosed with HIV. She didn’t know much about the virus until she became aware of its effects to her body. The Raphael Centre in Grahamstown, South Africa, provided “Lulu” with the help and counseling she needed in order to survive. What is more impressive than her will to be healthy is her will to teach. With the help of the center, Lulu opened a daycare for small children—many with HIV.


Nearly 20 years since the end of apartheid, discrimination in South Africa has a new form. Healthcare inequality has taken the place of forced segregation in rural and urban townships.


March 15, 2013 /
Tom Hundley
Senior editor Tom Hundley highlights the high caliber, award-winning journalism produced by our student reporting fellows.
March 7, 2013 / Huffington Post
Samantha Thornton
Receiving a disability grant in South Africa can be likened to winning the lottery. HIV positive residents who are poor may be forced to choose between their life and money to feed their families.