Smoking is the leading cause of death in China, and by 2050 the number of deaths from tobacco-related causes is expected to triple. Click here for the sources of information included in this video.

Explore this interactive map to learn about cancers that disproportionately affect poorer countries.


More people in poor countries die from cancer than from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Joanne Silberner looks at the human toll of cancer, and possible solutions.


January 4, 2014 /
Joanne Silberner
After the release of the Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, The New York Times reported that
November 5, 2013 / NPR
Joanne Silberner
We're used to hearing about malaria, even HIV/AIDS when it comes to health concerns of Africa. But it might surprise you to know that cancer is growing as a leading cause of death.