As night falls on the Nyabugogo bus park in Kigali, Rwanda, Makorobondo “Dee” Salukombo prepares to depart to Canada to run an Olympic trial. For the past four years, Dee has trained alongside the youth of Project Kirotshe. He reflects upon his experiences and the impact of the project on his community in eastern Congo.


Runners gather early on Sunday morning for a community race at the makeshift soccer field in Kirotshe.
Over the past two decades fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has torn through the region, leaving widespread poverty and hopelessness. Project Kirotshe helps one community rebuild hope through a youth running program.


August 17, 2016 /
Daniel Socha
Daniel Socha tells of program where kids' school fees paid if they participate in running club. One of those runners: a soft-spoken young 19-year-old woman who represented the DRC in 2016 Olympics.
Kirotshe runners
August 9, 2016 /
kem knapp sawyer
Student Fellow Daniel Socha reports on how the DRC's Olympic runners are giving back at home.