The ocean has a wealth of resources. From food, to travel, to pharmaceutical needs, and to energy, the ocean has always provided for mankind. And now, mankind is turning to the ocean for minerals and metals needed for the technology we use in our everyday lives. An exploration into the emerging industry of deep sea mining leads to more questions than answers.


A dive into the deep sea illuminates a world full of possibilities for both discoveries of extraordinary life and opportunities for exploitation. Image by Sarah Fahmy. Hawaii, 2016.
An exploration into the emerging industry of underwater mining leads to more questions than answers. With time running out before this practice begins, are we acting irresponsibly?


This huge species of cnidarian in the genus Relicanthus with 8-foot long tentacles has attached itself to a dead sponge stalk on a polymetallic nodule in the CCZ. Image by Diva Amon and Craig Smith.
December 7, 2016 / Nautilus
Sarah Fahmy
Mineral mining prospects in the deep sea are piquing the world's interests as countries are staking claims in the sea bed. But what will the effects of deep sea mining be?
Sulfide and crust mining may have unforeseen environmental effects that will damage life on Pacific Islands. Image by Sarah Fahmy. Papua New Guinea, 2016.
December 7, 2016 / Untold Stories
Sarah Fahmy
Will corporate interests and our modern way of life damage the people and nature on Pacific Islands? What effects will mining for metals off the coast of Papua New Guinea and other countries have?