Pulitzer Center grantee Helen Branswell recalls her 2011 trip to India, where she reported on the efforts of health care workers to vaccinate the country's children against polio. Unfortunately, in rare cases, the vaccine can sometimes cause polio. Read her in-depth report on the tricky transition to a different, safer vaccine in the endgame of the global eradication program here.


Polioviruses have been nearly eradicated. But scientists worry their gains face a left-field threat: After vaccination, some people excrete the virus for years.


May 16, 2012 /
Aria Curtis
Former President Jimmy Carter highlights Helen Branswell's Polio reporting when speaking to a group of health journalists in Atlanta.
April 17, 2012 / Scientific American
Helen Branswell
A vexing problem for Indian health authorities: the most widely used polio vaccine now causes more disease than the virus it is supposed to fight.