Yasmin Bendaas, a 2012 Wake Forest alum and Pulitzer Center student fellow, created a fascinating look into a fading tradition in the hills of Algeria through the portraits and stories of indigenous women. Her reporting project, "Between the Lines: Facial Tattoos and the Chaoiua," is now available as an e-book on browsers, Amazon and iPad for free.

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Facial tattoos, once popular among Chaouia women in Algeria, are now less prevalent. This project examines their contribution to identity, their symbolic meaning, and reasons for their disappearance.


August 9, 2013 / Al Jazeera
Yasmin Bendaas
The last generation of tattooed women in Algeria is fading, but the tradition lives on in other forms.
July 26, 2013 / Your Middle East
Yasmin Bendaas
What is the meaning behind the ancient Algerian tattoo ritual? A fading tradition, it is now only carried by the elder generation of women in the Aurès Mountains district.