The Roma have been discriminated against in Italy from the time they first arrived in the country in 1400 to the present day. The Italian government has inducted a strategy of inclusion for the Roma, but questions remain as to whether the plan will help the Italian and Roma societies to be more accepting of one another.


Image by Holly Gambrell. Italy, 2016.
This investigation into the lifestyles, struggles and cultures of the Roma people living in Rome examines how the Italian government—and citizens—treat the Roma population.


candoni camp
September 17, 2016 / Untold Stories
Holly Gambrell
In Candoni, a Roma camp, five Roma women are breaking out of their traditional roles to start their own business in hopes of bettering their futures.
September 14, 2016 / Untold Stories
Holly Gambrell
Every day in Italy, the Roma face challenges of prejudice, poverty and unemployment. Their story serves as a lesson and warning for refugees entering Italy's borders.