December 23, 2015 /
Evey Wilson
The Pulitzer Center staff share favorite images from 2015.
October 10, 2012 /
Paul Salopek
Journalist Paul Salopek is preparing to leave on a journey that will take seven years and span 39 countries—and he is doing it all on foot.
February 8, 2016 /
Elana Dure, Amanda Ottaway
Students from the Inspired Teaching School present their blended photos at the Pulitzer Center.
September 12, 2013 / Outrage and Inspire
Roger Thurow
Baskets of vegetables now grow where once there were basketball courts. Urban farms are growing in importance for the healthy development of American children.
September 11, 2013 / WGN
Rieke Havertz
Berlin journalist Rieke Havertz discusses her article in The Chicago Tribune about gun violence in Chicago.
September 5, 2013
Dominic Bracco II
Photographer Dominic Bracco II talks about photographing the lives of fishermen on the Sea of Cortez.
September 5, 2013 / The Chicago Tribune
Rieke Havertz
In Chicago, perpetrators become victims and victims become perpetrators. From the perspective of Pulitzer Center grantee Rieke Havertz, this is one of the central problems of America's gun violence.
August 29, 2013 / C-SPAN
Marvin Kalb
The Kalb Report: Remembering a March, a Movement and a Dream
August 28, 2013
Caroline D'Angelo, Rebecca Gibian, Jason Huang, Meghan Dhaliwal
The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce the publication of five e-books on the Creatavist platform, including the new book "Meltdown: China's Environmental Crisis."
August 27, 2013 / Untold Stories
Yves Eudes
Exploring the origins of stereotypes about Eskimo life.
August 19, 2013 / taz. die tageszeitung
Rieke Havertz, Kerstin Egenhofer, Carlos Javier Ortiz
In Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chicago, a police department struggles to regain control of the streets from violent gangs. Sometimes the rain helps.
August 16, 2013 / Kojo Nnamdi Show
Marvin Kalb
It has been 72 years since an American president requested a declaration of war from Congress. Pulitzer Center senior adviser Marvin Kalb discusses this issue in his new book "The Road to War."
August 13, 2013
Tom Hundley
Do the Chinese really want to build a luxury resort and golf course in a remote corner of northern Iceland?