March 26, 2015 / The New Yorker
Matt Black
Photographer Matt Black documents life in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.
March 26, 2015 / The New Yorker
Matt Black
Last year, 43 students went missing from Iguala, Mexico. Award winning photojournalist Matt Black documents the lives of their families.
March 26, 2015 /
Matt Black
On September 26, 2014, 43 Mexican students went missing in Iguala, a mountain town in the state of Guerrero. This project explores the long-term issues that gave rise to these events.
November 10, 2012 / Untold Stories
Tom Hundley
This Week in Review: Global Goods, Local Costs
October 26, 2012
Meghan Dhaliwal
The Pulitzer Center takes a look at Elon University's impressive international web-based interactive journalism projects.
October 17, 2012
Uliana Bazar
Panel discussion at the Woodrow Wilson Center with Kenneth Weiss of the LA Times, Pulitzer Center's Tom Hundley and Ohio University's Geoffrey Dabelko on the impacts of population growth.
October 16, 2012
Jennifer McDonald
The Pulitzer Center education team invites students to celebrate National Day of Writing with the #WhatIWrite campaign and highlights other opportunities for engagement with global issues.
October 10, 2012
Paul Salopek
Journalist Paul Salopek is preparing to leave on a journey that will take seven years and span 39 countries—and he is doing it all on foot.
October 5, 2012
Mark Schulte
In the Pulitzer Center's first education newsletter, Education Director Mark Schulte highlights opportunities for educators to engage with critical global issues in the classroom.
September 28, 2012
Jennifer McDonald
Seminar gives William & Mary students room to turn academic pursuits into journalism thanks to unique partnership between the Pulitzer Center, the College's Charles Center and supportive alums.
September 27, 2012
Meghan Dhaliwal
Pulitzer Center grantee Reese Erlich discusses his reporting on the Arab Spring for launch of Campus Consortium partnership with South Dakota State University.
September 26, 2012 / Untold Stories
Erik Vance, Dominic Bracco II
Hoyt Peckham came to Magdalena Bay for its stunning scenery and rich wildlife. What he found was a dark secret that would consume the next decade of his life.
September 26, 2012
Caroline D'Angelo, Jennifer McDonald
Paul Salopek is about to begin a seven-year walk around the world--what would you like to ask him?