October 10, 2012 /
Paul Salopek
Journalist Paul Salopek is preparing to leave on a journey that will take seven years and span 39 countries—and he is doing it all on foot.
Image by Misha Friedman. South Africa, 2016.
January 13, 2017 /
kem knapp sawyer, Jordan Roth
Pulitzer Center launches its newest e-book: To End Aids featuring stories, photographs and video by our grantees. Also included: a timeline, interactive maps, a glossary, and resources.
Nuclear power
January 10, 2017 /
Rachel Bronson, John Mecklin
Can and should nuclear power play a significant role in combating climate change?
Interactive visualization on nuclear power reactor construction. A special issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.
January 10, 2017 / Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Rachel Bronson, John Mecklin
Nuclear power advocates claim that nuclear power is essential for a low-carbon future, but critics say otherwise.
St. Theresa Point tipi
January 9, 2017 / Untold Stories
Dillon DeWitt
Life in the northern reserve of St. Theresa Point is demanding, but strengthening and protecting Oji-Cree culture is the greatest priority. In that regard, the reserve has had astounding success.
Teacher Ou Shuiming's class photographed in 1983.
January 4, 2017
Rong Xiaoqing
Why are people who were smuggled to the U.S. from a rural high school in China three decades ago now going back to China?
A bus in San Pedro Sula awaits deportees from detention centers in the US. Image by Emily Gogolak.
January 3, 2017
Tom Hundley
This week: how immigrants are being mass incarcerated, cheap clothes for the U.S. means miserable conditions for Indian workers, and an impending genocide in South Sudan.
Glen Ewenin who attended Gordon's Residential School from 1970-1973 and Muskowekwan Indian Residential School from 1973-1975. Image by Daniella Zalcman. Canada, 2016.
December 27, 2016
Daniella Zalcman
Listen to award-winning journalist Daniella Zalcman discuss her latest work on Canada's Indian residential schools titled: "Signs of Your Identity."
A bus in San Pedro Sula awaits deportees from detention centers in the US. Image by Emily Gogolak. United States, 2016.
December 26, 2016 / The Nation
Emily Gogolak
Families fleeing extreme violence in Honduras and seeking asylum in the U.S. were detained in for-profit detention centers in Texas and deported to that same violence without adequate due process.
Suggestible You.
December 22, 2016 / Scientific American
Erik Vance
Erik Vance explains the science behind the mind’s mending powers in his new book, "Suggestible You."
December 22, 2016 / PBS NewsHour
Daniella Zalcman
Daniella Zalcman speaks with the PBS Newshour about her award-winning project "Signs of Your Identity."
Mothers from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala cross from Ciudad Cuahutemoc, Guatemala into Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas, Mexico chanting and demanding justice from the Mexican government. Image by Julysa Sosa. Mexico, 2016.
December 20, 2016
Aaron Nelsen, Julysa Sosa
For years Central Americans have transited Mexico en route to the United States, many are never heard from again. In a country teeming with the disappeared, Central American mothers search for theirs...
Mike Pinay, Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School, 1953-1963. Pinay says, “It was the worst ten years of my life. I was away from my family from the age of 6 to 16. How do you learn about relationships, how do you learn about family? I didn’t know what love was. We weren’t even known by names back then; I was a number … 73.” Image by Daniella Zalcman. Canada, 2015.
December 19, 2016
Evey Wilson, Libby Allen
Grantee Daniella Zalcman visits several schools in Washington, D.C. to share her project "Signs of Your Identity," based on interviews with former students of Indian Residential Schools.