Image by Paul Short. Turkey, 2014.
August 27, 2014 /
Paul Short
Few world cities match the speed of Istanbul’s urban transformation. As new mass housing projects, business districts and suspended bridges dot the city’s horizon, the urban poor are being displaced.
August 27, 2014 / Untold Stories
Paul Short
The squatter settlements known as "Gecekondu" are quickly disappearing in Istanbul, a city that is being transformed through government intervention, historic renewal, and mass housing projects.
August 27, 2014 /
Rachael Bolte, Anna Nemtsova
Explore Russia's nearly 300 single industry monotowns with a new interactive map.
August 2, 2012
Dan Grossman
Daniel Grossman's first TED ebook, "Deep Water," explores sea-level rise and climate change while making innovative use of a new interactive platform.
July 20, 2012
Stephen Franklin
Pulitzer Center grantee Stephen Franklin discusses reporting from Turkey, a country facing crises that range from internal political divisions to a massive influx of Syrian refugees on its borders.
July 18, 2012 / Untold Stories
Stephen Franklin
Turkey's political evolution has opened the door for criticism and humor too. The Young Civilians take on the military – and more. Will they become a model for others?
July 3, 2012 / Untold Stories
Joshua Kucera
The Caspian Sea has been a strategic backwater for most of its history. But recent discoveries of large oil and natural gas reserves have touched off a five-way arms race.
July 1, 2012 / Foreign Affairs
Joshua Yaffa
With Vladimir Putin back in power in Russia, understanding him is more important than ever. Two recent books attempt to unravel the mystery, adding new insight into the Russian leader's life and rule...
June 28, 2012
Tom Hundley
Pulitzer Center Senior Editor Tom Hundley highlights this week's reporting from Burma to Turkmenistan.
June 26, 2012 / Foreign Policy
Joshua Kucera
The naval buildup in the Caspian Sea is amplifying regional tensions. It's Russia versus Iran, with three post-Soviet states—and trillions of dollars in oil—in the middle.
June 26, 2012 / Untold Stories
Jenna Krajeski
The Habur Gate border crossing between Turkey and Iraq is a lifeline for Turkey's border towns and, for the Kurds who live in them, the gateway to a free Kurdistan.
June 25, 2012 / Untold Stories
Anna Nemtsova
Moscow's counter-terror measures in Dagestan prompted a protest from a mob of Muslim mothers and wives who said their loved ones were being locked away, beaten or tortured with electricity.
June 21, 2012 / The Atlantic
Jenna Krajeski
The Turkish government recently lifted a decades-long ban on the Kurdish language in schools, but a young Kurdish activist says they still have a long way to go.