July 28, 2014 / Untold Stories
Joshua Hammer
Ali Farka Touré and other Malian artists drew inspiration from the Niger, a sinuous waterway that has supported life for thousands of years. Now that Al Qaeda is gone, the music has returned.
July 24, 2014 /
Amelia Warshaw, Jennifer Koons
A worldwide vigil for the Nigerian students abducted by Boko Haram draws attention to a major global issue: the education of girls.
July 24, 2014 / Untold Stories
Jennifer Koons
Victims of domestic violence, mental and physical abuse, and child marriage have a sanctuary in the only shelter of its kind in Niger, a country of 17 million.
May 5, 2009 / Untold Stories
Mary Wiltenburg
Mary Wiltenburg encounters a curious young girl in a Tanzanian slum.
May 4, 2009 / Untold Stories
Mary Wiltenburg
Mary Wiltenburg, for the Pulitzer Center
May 4, 2009 / Foreign Affairs
Michael Kavanagh
In late February, I was walking down the dusty road that winds through Nyabiando, a town deep in the forests of eastern Congo, when a young Congolese man approached me.
May 4, 2009
Mary Wiltenburg
When Bill Clinton Hadam's refugee family was approved for resettlement in the U.S., the boy's parents faced a "Sophie's Choice" dilemma: him or his sister.
April 28, 2009 / Untold Stories
Brendan Borrell
In South Africa, wildlife live behind fences -- whether they surround national parks, public or private game reserves, or cattle ranches.
April 27, 2009
Jon Sawyer
Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center
April 27, 2009 / Untold Stories
Brendan Borrell
Brendan Borrell, for the Pulitzer Center
April 24, 2009 / PBS
Fred de Sam Lazaro
Fred de Sam Lazaro introduces his reports from Malawi and the ongoing debate over the benefits of providing cash or crops to recipient nations.
April 20, 2009 / Scientific American
Brendan Borrell
See this article's accompanying slide show: Bio-Boundary for African Wild Dogs
April 20, 2009 / Untold Stories
Brendan Borrell
Africa's second-most endangered predator breaks out of the reserves created to protect it. Now, biologists are finding that its own urine can be used to contain it.