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From Noah., BZAEDS, November 9, 2012

My journey-not a big one-was when I went on the shabbaton with my class. The shabbaton was a trip from friday morning-saturday morning. During that time we went to a camp that we played games at, had a talent show at, and just had fun there. It was weird being away from home; but I think the shabbaton changed me as a person.

From Michael, BZAEDS- Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, November 6, 2012

One of my journey is a special walk that we take in South Haven Michigan. Every year we go to resort and a lot of the nights, we take a walk to calm us down. It helps me in many ways... such as relaxing, having fun, and really just spending quality time with my family. I think that this little walk helps us not take a lot of things for granted. It just shows us how great it is to be living life as it is. It teaches me to live life to the fullest because we don't get much of it.

From Evan Gillian, BZAEDS, November 1, 2012

A big journey for me is the overnight camping trip with my friends from my cabin, and 2 other cabins. One reason why this was a challenge was because I wasn't put with my favorite people, and we were tight with space(4 kids in our tent rather than 3 for our cabin). It turned out that 4 girls was MUCH better that 3. Cooking over a campfire was also hard. We had never really cocked over a campfire, but it was still fun!!! Going to sleep was hard because of all the talking. It was really fun!

From Irene HM, -, October 29, 2012

The journey of my life started in Ethiopia. At first you look at everything like a mere spectator, as if it was part of a documentary you were watching. It is not until you leave you camera behind and start looking at people’s eyes without having to do so through a digital retina; it is not until the moment you look at them from equal to equal, from a human being to another, when you really start to know Africa. It is not until you open your heart, that you get to start the journey of your life.

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