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OneWorld.net highlights Jason Motlagh's India project

OneWorld highlighted the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting India project on September 27, 2007 in the Today's Newssection of its website. The mention reads, "Freelance journalist Jason Motlagh unearths the India beyond Bollywood and the info-tech boom. Keep up with his blogs and photo reports on the country's rural poor, who are dealing with flooding and a four-decade-long guerrilla insurgency."

Global Gateway highlighted by OneWorld.net

OneWorld highlighted the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Global Gateway initiative on September 20, 2007 in the Today's News section of its website. The mention reads, "U.S. middle school, high school, and university students are getting to interact with journalists covering underreported issues around the world."

To view this highlight on the OneWorld website, click here to visit Today's News and scroll down to September 20, 2007.

Oct/Nov South America Discussion Series

South America Discussion Series
October/November 2007

Presented by: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting / Virginia Quarterly Review

South America : Untold Stories

Journalists Bring their Stories Home

Peru's Petroleum Play

Soybean Wars

Argentina's "Ghost Train"

November 5 : Washington University in St. Louis

In partnership with Sigma Iota Rho, Washington University's International Studies Honorary Society, International & Area Studies and Latin American Studies

"Occupation Boosterism"

Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center

The New York Times op ed "A War We Just Might Win" (July 30, 2007) by Brookings Institution scholars Kenneth Pollack and Michael O'Hanlon has occasioned much comment, most of it sparked by the chutzpah of two noted champions of the war describing themselves as "two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration's miserable handling of Iraq."