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September 17, 2014 / Voice of America Sebastian Meyer
Thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled their homes ahead of the Islamic State onslaught. Despite U.S. airstrikes, the prospect of these refugees returning is very low.
September 16, 2014 / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Moriah Balingit, Julia Rendleman
Follow the long journey of Bhutanese refugees from camps in Nepal to their new homes in Pittsburgh, Pa. through this news interactive.
September 16, 2014 / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Moriah Balingit, Julia Rendleman
Bhutanese refugees stuck in refugee camps in Nepal long to be re-united with their families in the United States.
The Price of White Eggs
September 8, 2010 / The Leonard Lopate Show
Scott Carney
Scott Carney speaks about his reporting on the sale of human eggs on The Leonard Lopate Show.
Price of Eggs
September 6, 2010 / Blog Talk Radio
Scott Carney
Feminist radio show The Majority United speaks with Scott Carney to understand the impact of black market adoption deals and genetic and body part trading on women.
September 1, 2010 / The Caravan
William Wheeler
Seven months after the devastating January earthquake, Haiti's reconstruction has stalled as only a fraction of the billions of dollars pledged by world leaders has arrived.
September 1, 2010 / The Stanley Foundation
Kira Kay, Jason Maloney
More than a billion people across 60 nations are living in fragile or failing states, like Haiti, Bosnia, the DRC and East Timor. What is needed to stabilize these particular countries?
September 1, 2010 / The Stanley Foundation
Jina Moore
The UN Peacebuilding Commission provides "quick win" interventions in fragile states. But can it prove effective in Africa when confusion about the concept and infrastructure of peacebuilding remains...
August 26, 2010 / Foreign Policy
Anup Kaphle
Nepal’s former Maoist insurgents from the People's Liberation Army pass their time in camps where revolutionary ideology is thriving. Are they integrating or preparing for the next fight?
August 18, 2010 / Soundprint
Dan Grossman
More than 1000 people died in the Paris Heat Wave of 2003. Now other parts of the world, including the U.S., could soon face significantly increased climate extremes.
August 13, 2010 / The Washington Post
Rebecca Hamilton
Students have braved arrests and torture in their efforts to bring democracy to Sudan through nonviolent protests and social media.
August 12, 2010 / Fast Company
Scott Carney
Modern fertility technology has made parenthood a possibility for thousands more people, but it has also created a lucrative market -- and ethically questionable -- global trade in human genetic...
General Mahdi Babo Nimir hangs a portrait of his father.
August 12, 2010 / National Geographic
Rebecca Hamilton
Sudan's Abyei region, considered a microcosm of the Sudanese struggle for national identity, will likely be critical to the success or failure of a North-South peace deal.