January 12, 2017 / The New York Times
Xyza Bacani
Migrant workers are invisible people,We are like air. People need us but they don’t see us. We exist to please them, to serve them, but they don’t really see us as part of the society.
Zuby Malik in front of health facility La Paradera in Havana where she began treatment with the lung cancer vaccine CimaVax this summer. Image by Nauman Malik. Cuba, 2016.
November 15, 2016 / The New York Times
Sally H. Jacobs
The US FDA recently approved a clinical trial of a lung cancer vaccine made in Cuba. But American cancer patients are already smuggling the vaccine into the country in refrigerated lunch boxes.
Sparse traffic passes through Future Scientists Street, a gleaming, six-lane avenue that's meant to serve as a showcase for outsiders of Pyongyang's recent development. Image by Laya Maheshwari. North Korea, 2016.
October 25, 2016 / The New York Times
Laya Maheshwari
In the capital, Pyongyang, entertainment options have expanded under Kim Jong-un, giving the privileged few—and foreigners—a glimpse of a better life.
The three hosts on stage during the opening ceremony of the 15th Pyongyang International Film Festival. A sculpted dove in the top left signifies the festival's mission of peace. Image by Laya Maheshwari. North Korea, 2016.
October 19, 2016 / The New York Times
Laya Maheshwari
The Pyongyang International Film Festival gave outsiders a rare chance to mix with North Koreans while watching features promoting approved ideology.
Representatives from more than 100 countries prepare to vote on pangolin protection at the CITES conference in Johannesburg. Image by Rachel Nuwer.  South Africa, 2016.
October 5, 2016 / The New York Times
Rachel Nuwer
Found in Africa and Asia, scaly anteaters are thought to be the world’s most trafficked mammal.
August 12, 2016 / The New York Times
Ben Solomon
Go inside the re-capture of Falluja with Ben Solomon's virtual-reality video for "Fractured Lands."
Grantee Ben Solomon
August 11, 2016 / The New York Times
Ben Solomon
"The Fight for Falluja," the VR film by Ben Solomon accompanying The New York Times Magazine's "Fractured Lands" issue, is now available on the NYTVR app.
August 11, 2016 / The New York Times
Scott Anderson, Paolo Pellegrin, Ben Solomon
Scott Anderson's foreword to "Fractured Lands," from the August 14, 2016 issue of The New York Times Magazine.
Indonesia sand mine.
July 28, 2016 / The New York Times
Vince Beiser
We use more sand than almost any other natural resource. Now, it's running low.
June 9, 2016 / The New York Times
Alexandria Bombach
For Afghans who are struggling with the question of whether to leave or stay in their country, the debate goes beyond wanting to improve their lives — it is about survival.
January 13, 2016 / The New York Times
Ankita Rao, Atish Patel
Ankita Rao reports on a revolutionary palliative care program in Kerala, India, that has successfully addressed one of the world's most difficult health challenges.
December 28, 2015 / The New York Times
Dimiter Kenarov
After nearly two years, it’s time to recognize what can’t be changed and what’s best for the peninsula.
December 11, 2015 / The New York Times
Misha Friedman
Earlier this year, Ukraine began the process of reforming one of its most oppressive institutions: its police force.