January 10, 2017 / The Guardian
Matt Kennard
With the SAS based nearby, this picturesque city has a long military history. Now Hereford is formalizing its place as a center for a controversial industry which boomed during the ‘war on terror'.
Kozak escorts British doctor Sheila Cassidy to the plane taking her out of Chile, in 1975. Image courtesy Museo de la Memoria y los DDHH de Chile.
December 14, 2016 / The Guardian
Ewen MacAskill
Under General Pinochet’s rule of terror in Chile, one man saved thousands of people from the dictator’s brutal secret police. How did Roberto Kozak do it – and escape death?
San Salvador Mayor Nayib Bukele. Image by Juan Carlos. El Salvador, 2016.
November 1, 2016 / The Guardian
Lauren Markham
Nayib Bukele is trying to wrest control of El Salvador’s capital from the grip of murderous gangs. His weapons? Gentrification, Instagram and YouTube.
References to war and nuclear weapons are everywhere in Los Alamos, a once secret city built to develop the atomic bomb. Image by Brooks Saucedo-McQuade. United States, 2016.
November 1, 2016 / The Guardian
Claire Provost
Home to the scientists who built the nuclear bomb, the company town of Los Alamos, New Mexico is today one of the richest in the country—even as toxic waste threatens its residents and neighbouring...
The Flame Towers in downtown Baku. Image by Francisco Anzola via Creative Commons. Azerbaijan, 2015.
October 3, 2016 / The Guardian
Joshua Kucera
Former political prisoners say democratic shift—like the capital's flashy skyline—is merely cosmetic, with the economic crisis exposing the state’s true authoritarianism.
Boat wreck in Milazzo, Italy. Image courtesy of Sarah Tzinieris. Italy, 2015.
September 7, 2016 / The Guardian
Claire Provost
Ventimiglia is feeling the impact of heavier French border controls and deterrent measures, but the tension masks a wider humanitarian issue.
Erdogan speaking as Prime Minister of Turkey. Photo courtesy of google images.
September 4, 2016 / The Guardian
Christopher de Bellaigue
It's commonly argued that President Erdogan's regime is a perversion of democratic norms. In fact, in the light of burgeoning populism around the world, his demokrasi is the new normal.
A hospital in the Ukrainian town of Bar Vinnytsia
August 23, 2016 / The Guardian
Oliver Bullough
A British company hired to buy medicines for Ukraine’s health ministry has succeeded in cutting prices by up to a quarter.
Kazansky Station
July 11, 2016 / The Guardian
Joseph Schottenfeld, George Butler
Each week, thousands of men take a four-day rail journey from Tajikistan to Moscow in search of employment.
May 16, 2016 / The Guardian
Dara Mohammadi
Efforts to treat Huntington’s disease involve costly drugs way beyond the reach of the poor communities in South America who take part in research studies
May 3, 2016 / The Guardian
Tina Rosenberg
Giving free booze to homeless alcoholics sounds crazy. But it may be the key to helping them live a stable life.
April 19, 2016 / The Guardian
Matt Kennard, Claire Provost
Created in 1959 to lure foreign investors with tax breaks, the Shannon Free Zone proved revolutionary across the world.
April 13, 2016 / The Guardian
Claire Provost
Adriano Olivetti turned a small, Italian typewriter company into a global phenomenon—but his true obsession was transforming its headquarters, Ivrea, into a model industrial metropolis.