Launched November 27, 2015 Betsy Saavedra
Where would you go if you were homeless, and there was no government assistance? In Lima, Peru many are seeking legal titles to homes where their families have lived for decades.
Launched November 24, 2015 Wes Enzinna
There's a secret revolution occurring in Syria, and it may be the Middle East's greatest hope for achieving secular democracy, protecting women's rights...and beating ISIS. Meet the Kurds of Rojava.
Image by Kateri Donahoe. Mali, 2015.
Launched November 20, 2015 Kateri Donahoe
Female genital cutting affects more than nine out of ten of women in Mali. Those working to end the practice must walk a fine line between preserving culture and protecting women.
Russian army officers pose in front of a launch vehicle that once transported a Topol M intercontinental ballistic missile. The launcher is now at display at the Russian Defense Ministry's brand-new "Patriot Park," which also includes rockets, tanks and other armored vehicles that are particularly popular with small boys. Image by Rachel Oswald. Russia, 2015.
Launched November 20, 2015 Rachel Oswald
Ongoing U.S.-Russia tensions around Ukraine have spilled over into the nuclear weapons realm, putting at risk decades of post-Cold War effort to foster nuclear predictability, stability, and safety.
Launched November 19, 2015 Matt Kennard, Claire Provost
Control over its territory has always been considered the fundamental characteristic of the state itself. What happens when historic levels of territory are given over to corporate interests?
The Centro de Atención al Migrante Retornado in Tegucigalpa. Image by Emily Gogolak. Honduras, 2015.
Launched November 16, 2015 Emily Gogolak
Women fleeing extreme gang-based and domestic violence seek asylum in United States. Many are detained, deported, and targeted upon return.
Launched November 13, 2015 Fred de Sam Lazaro, Shi Lihong
In Beijing a tiny NGO is taking on global corporations and harnessing people power in a campaign to clean up polluting factories in China.
Launched November 12, 2015 Elisabeth Zerofsky
A political party that grew out of Sarajevo's re-emerging post-war cultural scene is trying to help build a functional state in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Launched November 11, 2015 Esha Chhabra
A weak public health system has given rise to market-based approaches in India. A new breed of young tech-savvy entrepreneurs are building businesses to help more Indians have access to healthcare.
Launched November 11, 2015 Ana P. Santos, Veejay Villafranca
While most countries around the world have managed to control the rate of HIV infections, the Philippines is starting to feel the impact of a rising epidemic.
Image by Alex MacLean. Netherlands, 2015.
Launched November 6, 2015 Dan Grossman, Alex MacLean
Northern Europe can teach important lessons about how to help slow, and to prepare for, global warming. We report on the relatively low carbon foot print of northern Europe and sea-level-rise plans.
Image by Sydney Combs. Tanzania, 2015.
Launched November 5, 2015 Sydney Combs
New economic demands are forcing Maasai women into the workforce. While facing fierce backlash for their work, they are joining together to redefine women's roles within their patriarchal world.
Launched November 5, 2015 Leslie Roberts
Can an emergency plan to wipe out all malaria parasites in the Mekong work before multiple drug resistance spreads? No one knows.
Image by Paula Bronstein. Afghanistan, 2015.
Launched November 5, 2015 Paula Bronstein
Afghanistan is a country where the number of war widows is legion—and where tradition, law and poverty conspire to make their problems worse.
A graffiti-daubed house in the old walled city, in Diyarbakir, the main city in the Kurdish-majority southeast of Turkey. The graffiti says, 'you will see the strength of the Turk,' as well as exhortations to God, and was left by Turkish soldiers who recently fought running battles with Kurdish nationalists who had declared the walled city an autonomous zone. Image by Christopher de Bellaigue. Turkey, 2015.
Launched November 4, 2015 Christopher de Bellaigue
Selahattin Demirtas guided his party to 59 seats in the Turkish general election of Nov. 1. He must now defend its peaceful message against the possibility of civil war.
Image by Charlotte Bellomy. France, 2015.
Launched October 22, 2015 Charlotte Bellomy
Tension regarding France’s 5 million Islamic inhabitants can pervade everyday life for Muslim youth in Paris. Many struggle in the tumultuous conditions of run-down suburbs dubbed the "Other France."
Launched October 21, 2015 Rodrigue Ossebi
Members of the African diaspora in France share many common experiences; discrimination, lack of acceptance, and the struggle to succeed to become educated and full members of society.
Launched October 21, 2015 Larry Roberts, Rich Lord
Twenty-years after Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, Israeli society is as divided as ever, and former Pittsburghers now in the Holy Land are on different sides of the schism, reevaluating their dreams.
Image by Priya Ramchandra. India, 2015.
Launched October 21, 2015 Priya Ramchandra
How is India's healthcare system changing to provide care for the underserved? What can be done to alleviate the financial burden of those who need expensive life-saving procedures?
Image by Farzana Shah. Iran, 2015.
Launched October 13, 2015 Farzana Shah
Your child's doctor tells you that there is something wrong: there is a hole in her heart and she needs surgery, but we can't do it; we need to wait for a team to come. Panic, hope, anxiety.
Image by Jae Lee. Uganda, 2015.
Launched October 13, 2015 Jae Lee
In rural Uganda, lack of access to healthcare results in disability and death. What can be done?
Image by Lisa Palmer. India, 2015.
Launched October 13, 2015 Lisa Palmer
What does it take to reconcile the threat of global environmental change with the need to feed a growing population?
Image by Austin Davis. Germany, 2015.
Launched October 12, 2015 Austin Davis
There are approximately 3 million individuals of Turkish descent living in Germany. Past studies have shown that they may not be afforded the same educational opportunities as ethnic Germans.
Image by Diana Crandall. Costa Rica, 2015.
Launched October 7, 2015 Rebecca Gibian, Diana Crandall
In the mountains of Costa Rica, the indigenous Bribri struggle to maintain their culture as an influx of technology transforms their community.