Mosque of Shaikh Mohammed Abdel Kareem in Al Jirief west area
Launched August 24, 2016 Kira Zalan
Blacklisted as a state sponsor of terror, Sudan is waging its own fight against the Islamic State group. Can a government that's based itself in Islamist rhetoric part with its past and stay in power?
Maria Ivanova, one of 500 women that now make up Kyiv police. Image by Misha Friedman. Ukraine, 2015.
Launched August 23, 2016 Oliver Bullough
The Ukrainians who overthrew their president in 2014 were driven mainly by anger about corruption. It has proved harder to change the country's habits than its leaders.
Image courtesy of Misha Friedman.
Launched August 17, 2016 Misha Friedman
According to all the latest reports, South Africa is making major steps in treating and preventing HIV/AIDS. A look at how the lives of women here have changed in the past three years.
Launched August 12, 2016 Emily Baumgaertner
How close are we to a yellow fever pandemic?
Black and white image of children in silhoutte from an IDP camp in Iraq.
Launched August 11, 2016 Scott Anderson, Ben Solomon
The unraveling of the modern Middle East, from the Iraq War to the rise of ISIS and the global refugee crisis. A landmark collaboration with The New York Times Magazine.
A young pregnant woman in her room in El Carpintero, a section of Petare, Caracas one of the largest Barrios in Latin America. Venezuela
Launched August 9, 2016 Natalie Keyssar
In post-Chavez Venezuela, as an economic and political crisis threatens to plunge the country even deeper into chaos, daily life for many is a struggle for sustenance and safety.
Runners gather early on Sunday morning for a community race at the makeshift soccer field in Kirotshe.
Launched August 2, 2016 Daniel Socha
Over the past two decades fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has torn through the region, leaving widespread poverty and hopelessness. Project Kirotshe helps one community rebuild hope through a youth running program.
Koutsochero camp, Larisa, Greece.
Launched August 1, 2016 Sonia Shah
Europe's failure to provide adequate health care to tens of thousands of migrants trapped in Greece threaten the continent with a flood of new contagions
Au pair Lucila Espinosa Milay, Denmark
Launched August 1, 2016 Ana P. Santos, Allison Shelley
On paper, the au pair program is a cultural exchange program. But for many people, the motivations are economic relief rather than cultural immersion.
Launched July 29, 2016 Vince Beiser
Concrete. Glass. Silicon. Our civilization is built on the most important yet most overlooked commodity in the world: sand. And we are starting to run out.
Image by Camila DeChalus. Colombia, 2016.
Launched July 28, 2016 Camila DeChalus
In Colombia, one of the world’s regions most vulnerable regions to climate change, rural coffee farmers are fighting against the impact of climate change with the assistance of the Catholic Church.
Continent of Secrets: Uncovering Africa’s Offshore Empires
Launched July 25, 2016 Alvaro Ortiz, Will Fitzgibbon
A new game based on the Panama Papers that lets you discover the widespread, corrupt and often harmful offshore networks that deprive African countries of billions of dollars.
Darién Gap
Launched July 19, 2016 Jason Motlagh
In their bid to reach the United States, a growing number of migrants fleeing poverty and conflicts at home are braving the treacherous Darién Gap. Many never emerge.
Nauru AIDS billboard
Launched July 19, 2016 Amy Maxmen
Young women are at particularly high risk for HIV in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, where about 5,000 of them acquire the disease each week. Is a drug to prevent HIV really the best solution? Amy Maxmen looks at alternative solutions in South Africa.
A pilgrim takes a holy dip in river Ganges
Launched July 18, 2016 George Black
Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes on the Herculean task of cleaning up his country’s most sacred river, the Ganges. Can he succeed where all his predecessors have failed?
Basilica of Santa Maria
Launched July 15, 2016 Amanda Ulrich
After the European Union’s plan to send new refugees from Greece back to Turkey, Italy is more inundated with refugees than ever. And Rome is at the center of it all.
Launched July 15, 2016 Maddy Crowell, Sara Hylton
India is building the first-ever railway to its "lost valley." What will it mean for Kashmir?
Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico, Venezuela
Launched July 14, 2016 Nadja Drost, Bruno Federico
With food shortages, collapsing health care, spiraling violence, political chaos and an economy in free-fall, Venezuelans of all types are living out the slow collapse of their country.
Rangers employed by the Chinko Project, in eastern Central African Republic, set out on a morning patrol to look for poachers and armed cattle herders.
Launched July 12, 2016 Elliott Woods
With a population numbering just 5 million, Central African Republic is a microcosm of sub-Saharan Africa's most enduring political and humanitarian crises. It is also the site of one of the continent's most ambitious attempts at preserving biodiversity.
Ivan Kulshytskiy is a deputy Cossack leader in the Donetsk People’s Republic
Launched July 5, 2016 Nick Schifrin, Zach Fannin
From Estonian militias to separatist fighters in Ukraine, tensions between NATO and Russia are approaching Cold War levels.
Doctors without Borders site in Churachandpur
Launched July 3, 2016 Aditi Kantipuly
More than half of all HIV-positive individuals will experience an eye complication during their lifetime. One such complication is CMV retinitis, which can lead to permanent blindness.
Kharim Ahmad,22, suffered shrapnel wounds on his face and the loss of a leg from fighting in Sangin. He was being treated at the Emergency hospital in Lashkar Gah on March 25. Image by Paula Bronstein. Afghanistan, 2016.
Launched July 1, 2016 Paula Bronstein
Documenting the collateral damage from America’s longest war.
One of the artisans Oshadi works with to produce naturally-dyed clothes. Image courtesy of Oshadi. India, 2016.
Launched June 21, 2016 Esha Chhabra
Media and customers are pushing brands to rethink their supply chains, especially in fashion and beauty. Can India deliver new inventive business models that are people and planet friendly?
Launched June 13, 2016 Simeon Tegel
US-led prohibition has exacted a high toll in Latin America. This project explores the impacts on communities in Bolivia and Paraguay, whose principal cash crops are coca and cannabis respectively.