Launched May 18, 2017 Sean Gallagher
It is estimated that up to one million people own exotic pets in China. Trade in these animals is linked to species loss in some of the world’s threatened ecosystems.
Launched May 5, 2017 Beth Gardiner
China is seen as a poster child for smog, but it is pushing back against air pollution with a wind and solar power rollout that also has big ramifications for the fight against climate change.
Launched May 2, 2017 Jane Ferguson
South Sudan is the world’s newest nation but ethnic violence, economic collapse and famine are spiralling. Millions of lives, and the future of the country, are at stake.
Launched April 23, 2017 Rich Lord, Len Boselovic
Multinational Alcoa, in a restructuring, departs struggling Suriname after 100 years. The loose ends include a hydroelectric dam, two company towns, a long-loyal workforce, and a sputtering economy.
Launched April 21, 2017 Sarah Wildman
The French elections are the next major test for gauging the global impact of populism, nativism and Islamophobia.
Launched April 19, 2017 Doug Bock Clark, Corey Pattison
As Myanmar emerges from half a century of isolation to join the globalized world, Doug Bock Clark and Corey Pattison will report on the forces struggling to shape the country's future.
Launched April 17, 2017 James Whitlow Delano
Mexicans call it The Wall of Shame. Few people north of the border ever ask, what does the wall look like from Mexico, not just to ordinary Mexicans but those whose homes literally touch the wall?
Launched April 14, 2017 Yardain Amron
Each winter hundreds of thousands of Indians migrate north to man the world's second largest brick industry. They're promised opportunity, but many are bonded into debt.
Launched April 12, 2017 Diana Markosian
"A Postcard Home" is a collaborative series exploring a remarkable chapter in human migration through the viewpoint of a child.
Launched April 10, 2017 Leslie Roberts
Terrorized by Boko Haram for years, millions of people in northeastern Nigeria have fled to crowded camps and cities and are suffering from a deadly combination of severe malnutrition and infection.
Launched April 6, 2017 Christian Caryl
The three Baltic republics—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—have been confronting the threat of Russian information warfare for years. What can the United States learn from their experience?
Launched April 6, 2017 David Maurice Smith
Gaining understanding of the suicide crisis facing the Cree community of Attawapiskat, Ontario through an understanding of the culture, values and perspectives of its residents.
Launched April 3, 2017 Ben Taub
Most African migrants heading to Europe unwittingly follow the ancient caravan routes of the trans-Saharan slave trade. Along the way, many are trafficked, sold, and brutally exploited.
Launched March 29, 2017 Kai Schultz
As conversations about climate change gather steam in the Maldives, many question whether the government is taking serious concerns that businesses can no longer protect visitors from rising seas.
Launched March 21, 2017 Howard W. French
Why, despite growing vastly richer and steadily more powerful over the last generation, has China remained frustrated in its goal of bringing Hong Kong and Taiwan under its unquestioned authority?
Launched March 20, 2017 Esha Chhabra
A country that was once the prized gem of the Green Revolution, feeding the subcontinent and exporting massive quantities of food, is now undergoing a new organic revolution.
Launched March 15, 2017 William Neely, Madeline Bielski
The Pulitzer Center and The College of William & Mary continue their unique initiative to provide deeper global learning and storytelling experiences for students.
Launched March 9, 2017 Mark Hoffman, Mark Johnson
The closer the contact the greater the risk humans and animals will pass devastating diseases to each other.
Launched March 3, 2017 Jason Motlagh
In El Salvador, the murder capital of the world, authorities are failing to combat a brutal gang war that is driving a mass exodus out of the country.
Launched March 3, 2017 Krithika Varagur
An inside look at how Saudi Arabia uses money, scholarships, diplomacy, and media to propagate its brand of fundamentalist Islam in the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia.
Launched March 2, 2017 Daniel Brook
This global reporting project on urbanization in the developing world examines how three major countries—China, India, and Mexico—are dealing with a similar challenge in their own unique ways.
Launched March 1, 2017 Caitlin J. Cotter
An Andean village has battled severe lead toxicity from ceramics production, and now residents face the challenges of alternative glazing compounds or abandoning their cottage industry altogether.
Launched February 23, 2017 Nathalie Bertrams, Ingrid Gercama
Globally, cooking smoke causes over 4 million deaths per year. Can improved cookstoves save lives, the environment and is the promise of ‘clean cooking’ fulfilled in Malawi?
Launched February 22, 2017 Michael Scott Moore
Smugglers along the trail from East Africa to Europe, through Libya, tend to look after their own. Are former Somali pirates running Somali migrants?