Mark Schulte

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Education Director

Mark Schulte has taught global issues-based journalism for nearly ten years, most recently founding an international network of high school reporters online with members in more than 50 countries contributing daily to a web publication devoted to their stories.

Earlier he worked as a magazine writer and editor, covering politics and education in Virginia, and ultimately converted the magazine into a web journal of college life. That experience gave him a passion for the reach and dynamism of the web, and he has worked online ever since, experimenting with web technologies to find engaging ways of telling stories.

A confirmed tech enthusiast, Mark is interested in using innovative tools to connect students globally to their world, and to each other. At a time of considerable superficiality and silliness online, he believes students should be encouraged to create a positive digital footprint of meaningful work.

Mark graduated from Oberlin College and holds a master’s degree in Interactive Journalism from American University.

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