Fragile States

Clashes in Venezuela. Image by Nadja Drost. Venezuela, 2017. 
January 17, 2018
by Nadja Drost, Bruno Federico

As Venezuela’s social and economic crisis deepens, thousands of citizens are taking to the streets. Meanwhile, a quieter humanitarian one is unfolding as hunger and malnutrition spread.

December 29, 2017
by Jon Sawyer

Our executive director Jon Sawyer's letter to friends of the Pulitzer Center.

Boukhalef, the neighborhood in Tangier, Morocco, where many sub-Saharan Africans live as they try to make their way to Europe. Image by Andreea Campeanu. Morocco, 2015.
December 29, 2017
by Marc Herman

Marc Herman discusses his reporting on the straits of Gibraltar: borderland between two continents seemingly separated by sea: Europe and Africa.

Jackie Spinner reports from Mohammedia. Image by Jackie Spinner. Morocco, 2017.
December 29, 2017
by Jackie Spinner

Jackie Spinner spent three months in Morocco exploring the ways in which the country has become a moderate Islamic hub in the North Africa and to examine the contrast between image and reality.

Obada Alasmi sits in on Mohammed Ayyash's training session. Ayyash is confined to a wheelchair,, but they discuss the possibility of using a walker in the near future. Image by Sawsan Morrar. Jordan, 2017.
December 20, 2017 / Pulitzer Center
by Sawsan Morrar

With only 60 to 100 psychiatrists in Jordan, there's little help for Syrian refugees. Local organizations and refugees are leading the work to ensure that refugees get the therapy that they need.

Local volunteers teach martial arts to young Syrian refugees at the Homs League Abroad in Amman. The center hopes such activities will bring positivity to the children's everyday lives. Image by Sawsan Morrar. Jordan, 2017.
December 20, 2017
by Sawsan Morrar

While Syrians find refuge and aid in Jordan, little has been done to address the mental trauma they have faced—until now.

Still from video by Wes Bruer. India, 2017.
December 15, 2017
by Wes Bruer

A freelance journalist based in Brooklyn, Wes Bruer received a Pulitzer Center grant to pursue a story of a unique counterterrorism program being implemented by the U.S. State Dept in Mumbai, India.

Marie-Yvette, photographed in Bangui on September 24, holds an undated picture of herself in her Séléka uniform. Image by Cassandra Vinograd. Central African Republic, 2017.
December 15, 2017 / Newsweek
by Cassandra Vinograd

Meet the women who chose to take up arms in one of Africa's most bitter conflicts.

Screenshot from video courtesy PBS NewsHour. 
December 11, 2017 / PBS NewsHour
by Reza Sayah

In a 2016 offensive to take Mosul back from ISIS, the U.S. and Iran fought on the same side without ever publicly acknowledging it. What does that bode for the future? 

Screenshot from video courtesy PBS NewsHour. Iraq, 2017.
December 8, 2017 / PBS NewsHour
by Reza Sayah

In 2014, when most U.S. ground forces were gone and Iraqi forces were too weak, the threat of ISIS in Iraq spawned the PMF, a government-sanctioned militia that was armed, funded and trained by Iran...

Screenshot from video courtesy PBS NewsHour. Iraq, 2017.
December 7, 2017 / PBS NewsHour
by Reza Sayah

During the rule of Saddam Hussein, few Iranians dared to make the religious pilgrimage to the holy city of Karbala in Iraq. But the toppling of Saddam has drawn millions of worshippers back,...

A sign indicating distances in Miran Shah, on the road leading to Afghanistan. Image by Umar Farooq. Pakistan, 2017. 
December 6, 2017 / The Nation
by Umar Farooq

Civilians here, who live under an outdated colonial regime, have been terrorized by US drone strikes and extremist Islamists for many years.