St. Theresa Point tipi
January 9, 2017 / Untold Stories by Dillon DeWitt

Life in the northern reserve of St. Theresa Point is demanding, but strengthening and protecting Oji-Cree culture is the greatest priority. In that regard, the reserve has had astounding success.

Beyebo Eresado and a fellow villager describe how their community in southern Ethiopia stopped female genital mutilation. Image by Amy Yee. Ethiopia, 2016.
January 5, 2017 / Voice of America by Amy Yee

Attitudes toward female genital mutilation are slowly changing in Ethiopia.

A bus in San Pedro Sula awaits deportees from detention centers in the US. Image by Emily Gogolak. United States, 2016.
December 26, 2016 / The Nation by Emily Gogolak

Families fleeing extreme violence in Honduras and seeking asylum in the U.S. were detained in for-profit detention centers in Texas and deported to that same violence without adequate due process.

Yassin Abuukar, Kowthar Adraman and Kamal Hassan at Moria refugee camp on Lesbos.  The three Somali journalists seek asylum in Euripe. Image by Jeanne Carstensen. Greece, 2016.
December 6, 2016 / PRI's The World by Jeanne Carstensen

Like many journalists in Somalia, they have been targeted by Al-Shabab. But despite the dangers they face at home, under the EU-Turkey agreement they face likely deportation back to Turkey.

Martin Preuss Centre at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe. Image by Jen Stephens. Malawi, 2016.
December 6, 2016 / Untold Stories by Jennifer Stephens

Young people born with HIV in Malawi now confront their adolescent years with the support of teen clinics and clubs.

November 23, 2016 / The New Yorker by Elisabeth Zerofsky

“Heaven Will Wait” draws from real stories of teen-age girls in France who joined networks of jihadists.

November 18, 2016 / VICE News by Amy Maxmen

PrEP drugs like Truvada can drastically lower the risk of HIV transmission. But young women in South Africa are pushing for a different kind of change.

Iluminada Panabe was convicted for smuggling in hundreds of Filipinos into the European Union. It was tagged as one of the biggest human smuggling cases in Denmark. Ms. Panabe talks for the first time. This is her story. Image by Ana Santos. Denmark, 2016.
November 17, 2016 / Information by Ana P. Santos

“Nagpapalipad” is what Iluminada Panabe’s service is called in whispers. The literal translation is “to make one fly” but it is code for flying into Europe without the intention of ever leaving.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants walk down a road in Greece near the Macedonian border on Feb. 26, 2016. Less than two weeks later, this border closed. Image by Jeanne Carstensen. Greece, 2016.
November 2, 2016 / GlobalPost by Jeanne Carstensen

The EU’s asylum policies are failing. And conditions in Greece are so bad, many desperate Syrians see no other option.

A woman and her children at Softex refugee camp in northern Greece. Image by Jeanne Carstensen. Greece, 2016.
October 27, 2016 / KSFR by Jeanne Carstensen

Journalist Jeanne Carstensen about the refugee crisis in Greece seven months after closed borders and EU-Turkey deal left 60,000 Syrians and others stranded there.

A mother in Bona in southern Ethiopia (right) underwent female genital mutilation as a young woman
October 14, 2016 / Untold Stories by Amy Yee

Snapshots of Ethiopians who have participated in KMG's community conversations and changed their minds about female genital mutilation and stopped the long-standing practice.

A mother in southern Ethiopia (right) underwent female genital mutilation as a young woman
October 7, 2016 by Amy Yee

Female genital mutilation affects 200 million girls and women worldwide. But in Ethiopia, Bogaletch Gebre's nonprofit has reduced FGM in one region from 97 percent to 3 percent by working within...