Marvin Kalb Reports

In July 2013 Marvin Kalb joined the Pulitzer Center as in-residence senior adviser. We welcome his expertise, the mentoring he will provide our staff and journalists, and the wisdom that comes from half a century plus covering U.S. foreign policy and its consequences around the world.

"Marvin Kalb Reports" is a project page we have created for our website, a place to highlight and archive Marvin's reporting, commentary, and public events. He speaks for himself, of course, and not for the Pulitzer Center. The representation of his work on our website is testament to our commitment to multiple perspectives and informed public debate on the issues that affect us all.

November 02, 2015|

Putin's Muslim Nightmare

The Russian president’s intervention in Syria is driven by fear of Islamic extremism among his country’s own Muslim minority. But rather than squelching the threat, it’s poised to make it worse.

October 06, 2015|

Putin Takes on Syria

Vladimir Putin's sudden interest in Syria makes Russia a global player again.

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