Global Goods, Local Costs

Militants from the Rohingya insurgent group ARSA. September 2017. Image by Jason Motlagh.
November 23, 2017 / The New Republic
by Jason Motlagh

Why the Burmese military has used the rhetoric of the global war on terror as a pretext for its ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya Muslims

A family with their newly constructed shelter outside Balukhali Refugee Camp. Image by Doug Bock Clark. Bangladesh, 2017.
November 21, 2017

This week: As the world looks upon the Rohingya's plight, a refusal to acknowledge genocide; the fight to list mental health as a global health challenge; and the arduous process of finding schools...

A woman in Kutupalong Refugee Camp. Since August, nearly half a million Rohingya have escaped over the Myanmar border to Bangladesh. Image by Doug Bock Clark. Bangladesh, 2017.
November 16, 2017 / Longreads
by Doug Bock Clark

The Rohingya have been stripped of citizenship, prevented from having children, and systematically murdered. But the United Nations may never be able to prosecute the Rohingya genocide.

November 16, 2017
by Kamran Rahman, Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher was interviewed by the University of Iowa's College of Public Health about his work covering environmental issues in Asia.

Paradise Papers
November 14, 2017

Students examine the anatomy of offshore activities revealed in the Paradise Papers to evaluate their impact on various actors and consider what steps should be taken as a result of the investigation...

November 6, 2017 / ICIJ
by Rocco Fazzari, Alvaro Ortiz

Welcome to Reg and Ruby’s burger shop, Snax Haven, where a clever consultant helps them grow their profits by shifting their secret recipe to a country where there is no tax on profits.

November 5, 2017 / ICIJ
by Rocco Fazzari, Alvaro Ortiz

An interactive graphic of the Influencers featured in the Paradise Papers investigation.

November 4, 2017
by Alvaro Ortiz, Rocco Fazzari

ICIJ's global investigation that reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies.

The Seven Star Lakes Desert Hotel, way out in the middle of China's Inner Mongolian desert. Image by Vince Beiser. China, 2017.
November 2, 2017 / Field Notes
by Vince Beiser

What is this luxury hotel doing in the middle of the Inner Mongolian desert?

Remnants of a smuggler's boat that capsized in rough seas, drowning at least 23 Rohingya Muslim refugees. September 2017.
November 1, 2017 / AJ+
by Jason Motlagh

Follow a Rohingya Muslim family that fled rampaging Myanmar security forces and Buddhist vigilantes as they adapt to refugee life in Bangladesh.

One of the surf girls on the beach. Image by Doug Bock Clark. Bangladesh, 2017. 
October 31, 2017 / Elle
by Doug Bock Clark

Learning to surf transformed the lives of a group of Bangladeshi girls—and forced them to fight against sexual harassment. They attracted Western media attention and the attacks got worse.

"The Dividing Line of Chicago," a documentary short produced through a partnership between the Pulitzer Center and Free Spirit Media, has been named a finalist for the 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award. Image by Jackson 4 Productions. 2016.
October 31, 2017
by Eleanor Bell Fox, Hannah Berk

A Chicago student film produced through the Pulitzer Center’s partnership with Free Spirit Media has been named a finalist for the CINE Golden Eagle Award for youth documentaries.