Pure Waste 1
July 28, 2016 / Forbes by Esha Chhabra

Forty-five minutes outside of Coimbatore, India, a Finnish company is producing a new kind of factory which will turn trash into a fashion business.

June 25, 2016 / B Magazine by Esha Chhabra

Some of India’s textile factories are finding that improving their employees’ lives is good for the bottom line.

One of the artisans Oshadi works with to produce naturally-dyed clothes. Image courtesy of Oshadi. India, 2016.
June 21, 2016 by Esha Chhabra

Media and customers are pushing brands to rethink their supply chains, especially in fashion and beauty. Can India deliver new inventive business models that are people and planet friendly?

Chopra wants to build a sustainably-sourced fashion house—the first for India.
June 20, 2016 / Forbes by Esha Chhabra

Nishanth Chopra is a Indian entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize fashion with natural dyes and organic materials.

June 8, 2016 / Christian Science Monitor by Fred de Sam Lazaro, Michael Holtz

Human rights groups hope Nepal's earthquake will bring change to one of the world’s most exploitative industries, using the relief aid pouring into Nepal to force kiln operators to stop using child...

People lighting candles in Nepal one year after earthquake
April 25, 2016 / PBS NewsHour by Fred de Sam Lazaro, Richard Coolidge

Scenes from Nepal's destruction captured in 360°.

April 25, 2016 / PBS NewsHour by Fred de Sam Lazaro, Richard Coolidge

Has corruption stalled Nepal’s earthquake recovery?

April 25, 2016 / Christian Science Monitor by Michael Holtz, Ann Hermes

The Nepali government has yet to rebuild a single permanent house or school destroyed in the April 25 quake, the country's worst natural disaster in eight decades.

April 25, 2016 by Michael Holtz, Ann Hermes

Brick making across India and Nepal has long relied on bonded and child labor. What will it take to clean up an industry so rife with abuse?

April 21, 2016 / Christian Science Monitor by Ann Hermes

Images of life in Nepal a year after the April 2015 earthquake.

February 4, 2016 / Untold Stories by Fiona Lloyd-Davies

Filmmaker Fiona Lloyd-Davies remembers Masika, a survivor of multiple rapes, who helped thousands of others in the DRC, where rape was used as a weapon of war.

Image by Daniel Black. Angola, 2015.
January 20, 2016 / Untold Stories by Daniel Black

Land mines are a horrific by-product of Angola's 27-year civil war. See how they continue to affect the lives of people around the country.