Connecting your classroom to our reporting

Building on the Pulitzer Center's mission to spread global awareness, the Global Gateway program engages the next generation on pressing systemic international issues. Pulitzer Center-funded reporting projects serve as the departure point for a multi-dimensional educational experience. Global Gateway provides students with fresh information on global issues, helps them think critically about the creation and dissemination of news, and inspires them to become active consumers and producers of information.

What we do

The program provides digital educational resources and tools such as our free Lesson Builder, and also brings journalists to classrooms across the country to introduce critical under-reported global issues to students: Population, Food Insecurity, Water, Maternal Mortality, Women and Children in Crisis, Climate Change, Fragile States, and HIV/AIDS. Online Gateways around these issues serve as departure points to introduce the global issue and provide an interactive space where students can engage with the journalists, share their responses and even their own reporting on the local manifestation of these issues.

The Pulitzer Center has worked with students and educators in middle schools, high schools, and universities around the United States, with in-depth programs developed in St. Louis, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. In 2008, the Pulitzer Center received the Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for Excellence in International Education in Media/Technology, presented by the Asia Society.

We'd love to work with you

The Pulitzer Center seeks educators and schools interested in partnering with us to expand our reach. We are eager to further develop the student reporting component, working with schools and after-school programs to raise awareness of these issues. Global Gateway resources are also adaptable to general public and community events. To request more information, please contact globalgateway(at)

Get started now

Here are some ways to explore connections between our reporting and your curriculum right away: