by Micah Fink, Maurice Tomlinson
Interview with director Micah Fink about the making of "The Abominable Crime", a film about Jamaica's violent homophobia and the brave people who stand up to it.
Gender issues, Health, Human Rights, LGBT issues, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stigma
by Shirley Coenen
The Ministry of Education in Santiago has been under attack by Chilean students who believe that a quality, free education is not a privilege but a right for all.
Education and learning
by Tom Hundley
In Indonesia and the Philippines, explosive growth and rapid modernization test religious belief and attitudes toward family planning.
Asia, Gender issues, Globalization, Health, Religion and religious tolerance
by Pete Jones, Katherine Doyle
Journalist Pete Jones discusses his reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
by Joshua Kucera
Grantee Joshua Kucera talks about Tajikistan's pursuit of stability, which lately is taking one step forward, two steps back.
Defense, militarization and security, Energy, Regional/border disputes, Freshwater Resources, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments, Modern Day Conflicts
by Joshua Kucera
Chronically unstable and corrupt — and now bracing for more chaos from Afghanistan — Tajikistan's president is staking his country's future on the biggest dam in the world.
Ecosystems, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, Environmental Public Policy, Freshwater Resources, Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments
by Amanda Ottaway
Skype brings Pulitzer Center grantee Sharon Schmickle together with classes studying food insecurity at Australia's Queensland University of Technology.
Food security
by Katherine Doyle, Callum Macrae
"No Fire Zone" Director Callum Macrae tells how he came to document what might have been Sri Lanka's 'war without witness.'
Human Rights, Human Rights, Religion and religious tolerance, World History, The Holocaust and Modern-Day Genocide, War Crimes and Terms of Peace, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
by Allison Shelley, Melissa Turley
"Meet the Pros" 2013 features Pulitzer Center grantee Allison Shelley and student fellow Melissa Turley, produces Westchester student-created multimedia.
LGBT issues
by Aaron Nelsen, Fernando Rodriguez
Chile's coastal waters are among the richest in the world, but years of exploitation have exacted a toll on resources. As Congress debates a solution, fishing outfits scrap for their survival.
Image by Deanna Dent. Southern Province, Zambia, 2013.
by Alexis Okeowo
China's investment in Zambia holds promise: billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. But after violent conflict between Zambian miners and their Chinese supervisors, does it also pose a threat?
Africa, Economics, Globalization, Human Rights, Human Rights, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
by Sarah Wildman
Sarah Wildman on the contested histories of modern Jerusalem and how they have shaped – and narrowed – the prospects for a final settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.
Human Rights, Regional/border disputes, Religion and religious tolerance, Civil Rights, Modern Day Conflicts
by Fiona Lloyd-Davies
Fiona Lloyd-Davies has reported on Eastern Congo since 2011. Here she discusses the twin aims of her new project, assessing the aftermath of a mass rape and efforts to establish conflict-free mines.
Africa, Gender issues, Human Rights, Impact of the Industrial Revolution, Modern Day Conflicts
by Roger Thurow
The story of 1,000 days–the vital period from the beginning of a woman's pregnancy to her child's second birthday. The fate of individuals, families, nations–and the world–depends on it.
Africa, Asia, Economics, Food security, Gender issues, Globalization, Ecosystems, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
by Tony Leys, Mary Chind
Des Moines Register reporter Tony Leys and photojournalist Mary Chind talk about their project in Haiti.
Health, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
by Caroline D'Angelo, Jennifer Nguyen
Download an Educator's Guide to "In Search of Home", our iPad e-book on global statelessness.
Gender issues, Globalization, Human Rights, refugees, Regional/border disputes, Religion and religious tolerance, Immigration
by Paul Salopek
Students in Chris Swinko's third-grade class at Summers Knoll School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, chatted via Skype with globetrotter Paul Salopek and a classroom of students in the Republic of Djibouti.
Education and learning
A hug. Image by Carlos Javier Ortiz. Guatemala, 2013.
by Carlos Javier Ortiz
“Too Young to Die” is a long-term exploration of the tragedy gun violence exacts on Chicago’s streets. Although over 100 children and young people died in 2012, their deaths are often overshadowed.
The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
by Pete Jones
Armed militias running illegal poaching and mining rackets and backed by a powerful army general come into conflict with conservation efforts—and the local population bears the brunt of the fallout.
Africa, Human Rights
by Katherine Doyle
Yesterday in Pulitzer Center's education office, we hosted a Google Hangout between Cairo-based journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous and 9th graders at Staples High School in Westport, CT.
Africa, Defense, militarization and security, Economics, Human Rights, Human Rights