Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn
by Craig Welch, Steve Ringman
In 2009, The Seattle Times reported that ocean acidification – the plummeting pH of seas from carbon-dioxide emissions – was killing billions of Northwest oysters. That was only the beginning.
Climate change, Ecosystems, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, Environmental Public Policy, Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments
by Craig Welch, Steve Ringman
Meet the reporter and photographer behind The Seattle Times' ocean acidification project.
Climate change
by Mellissa Fung
What will happen to the progress that’s been made in education and women’s rights in Afghanistan? It’s a legacy NGOs have spent millions building. And many Afghans worry it's what is most at risk.
Asia, Defense, militarization and security, Education and learning, Gender issues, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
by Ameto Akpe
What does it mean to apply soft power?
Cambodia: Sex Trade and Tourism
by Melisa Goss
From the streets of Phnom Penh to the rice fields of Cambodia, Melisa Goss explores what lies behind the sex trade and what is being done to prevent it, stop it, and restore those caught in its trap.
Asia, Gender issues, Health, Human Rights, Human Rights
The Creative Chaos of Libya
by Nicolas Pelham
Despairing of the ability of their squabbling leaders and militiamen to reestablish the state, Libyans are busy reviving the country on their own.
Africa, Human Rights, Human Rights, Modern Day Conflicts
by Dominic Bracco II
Photographer Dominic Bracco II talks about photographing the lives of fishermen on the Sea of Cortez.
by Tomas van Houtryve
Tomas van Houtryve talks about photographing North Korea from the outside.
Asia, Defense, militarization and security
by Carlos Javier Ortiz, Jen Marlowe
The Pulitzer Center continues its summer collaboration with Free Spirit Media in Chicago, providing grantee journalists to serve as mentors during student documentary filmmaking workshops.
The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
Bangladesh: Fast Fashion Turns a Corner?
by Jason Motlagh
The Rana Plaza tragedy exposed the hidden cost of Bangladesh’s $20 billion-a-year export garment industry. Jason Motlagh returns to investigate the systemic problems that led to the deadly collapse.
Asia, Globalization, Human Rights, Human Rights
Image by Justin Catanoso. Peru, 2013.
by Justin Catanoso
In the most biologically diverse place on earth, rising temperatures are causing trees and plants to adapt. Can they do so fast enough?
Climate change, Science, Ecosystems, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
Image by Alisa Roth. Turkey, 2013.
by Alisa Roth, Hugh Eakin
At least 1.5 million people have fled the conflict in Syria. Most have taken refuge in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon, where they are straining resources and raising concerns about regional stability.
Human Rights, Human Rights, refugees, Religion and religious tolerance, Modern Day Conflicts
by Kathleen E. McLaughlin
Reporter Kathleen McLaughlin looks at how China's efforts to provide medical aid to Africa have been corrupted by fake drugs.
Africa, Asia, Health, Human Rights
by Tom Hundley
From HIV/AIDS to malaria and tuberculosis, poor countries endure more than their share of health crises. Now they are stalked by a new nemesis on course to claim even more lives—highway fatalities.
Education and learning
Image by Eleanor Klibanoff. Nicaragua, 2013.
by Eleanor Klibanoff
In Nicaragua and El Salvador, a complete abortion ban has led to unsafe abortions and turned doctors into informants. The number of girls under 14 who give birth has increased by 48 percent.
Gender issues, Health, Human Rights, Religion and religious tolerance, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
by Henry Molski
For more than 300 years, Scotland has been a loyal member of the United Kingdom. But in the fall of 2014, Scots will vote on whether they want to become an independent nation.
Europe, Regional/border disputes
by Yves Eudes
Le Monde journalist Yves Eudes discusses his six-part reporting project on climate change in the Arctic.
Climate change
by Fred de Sam Lazaro, Simone Ahuja
Journalists Fred de Sam Lazaro and Simone Ahuja discuss their reporting from India.
by Luke Messac
While the debate over health user fees has been raging in international development circles for decades, in Malawi the issue has a longer history, combustible politics, and intense personal relevance...
by Kerstin Egenhofer
In Malawi, people are using a deceptively simple strategy to alleviate poverty: giving poor people money and letting them decide how to spend it.