by Tony Leys, Mary Chind
Des Moines Register reporter Tony Leys and photojournalist Mary Chind talk about their project in Haiti.
Health, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
by Caroline D'Angelo, Jennifer Nguyen
Download an Educator's Guide to "In Search of Home", our iPad e-book on global statelessness.
Gender issues, Globalization, Human Rights, refugees, Regional/border disputes, Religion and religious tolerance, Immigration
by Paul Salopek
Students in Chris Swinko's third-grade class at Summers Knoll School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, chatted via Skype with globetrotter Paul Salopek and a classroom of students in the Republic of Djibouti.
Education and learning
A hug. Image by Carlos Javier Ortiz. Guatemala, 2013.
by Carlos Javier Ortiz
“Too Young to Die” is a long-term exploration of the tragedy gun violence exacts on Chicago’s streets. Although over 100 children and young people died in 2012, their deaths are often overshadowed.
The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
by Pete Jones
Armed militias running illegal poaching and mining rackets and backed by a powerful army general come into conflict with conservation efforts—and the local population bears the brunt of the fallout.
Africa, Human Rights
by Katherine Doyle
Yesterday in Pulitzer Center's education office, we hosted a Google Hangout between Cairo-based journalist Sharif Abdel Kouddous and 9th graders at Staples High School in Westport, CT.
Africa, Defense, militarization and security, Economics, Human Rights, Human Rights
by Sarah Wildman
Jerusalem, the meeting point of three major religions, is always set aside as the final item to be resolved in any discussion of Israeli-Palestinian peace. Have we waited too long?
Religion and religious tolerance, War Crimes and Terms of Peace, Modern Day Conflicts, World Religions
by Yochi Dreazen
In northern Mali, far from Western eyes, a powerful Al Qaeda affiliate has managed to carve out what is effectively a new country. What they do with it will determine the future of the war on terror.
Africa, Religion and religious tolerance, Modern Day Conflicts
by Tony Leys, Mary Chind
An Iowa-based medical team has been traveling to rural Haiti for years, assisting residents with health crises while searching for long-term ways to help the people improve their own situations.
by Katie Kennedy
Social media dominated the youth voting scene in the 2012 US presidential election. This trend seems likely to grow stronger over the course of the next election cycle.
Social Studies
by Deborah Van Roy
Immigrants to Williamsburg, Virginia, have difficulty assimilating without the support of the large immigrant communities they might find in bigger cities.
by Max Lander
Planting and maintaining vegetable gardens on school grounds in South Africa was supposed to be a sustainable operation to maintain food security. Unfortunately, it seems to have proven otherwise.
Food security
by Sarah Caspari
The famous image "Guerrillero Heroico," captured in 1960 by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, has become an international symbol of revolution. But has it been taken too far out of context?
Political Revolutions
by Dana McKelvey
A national census in Bosnia in October 2013 may reveal an increasingly ethnic Bosnian population, but getting minorities to officially declare their often-stigmatized identities will be difficult.
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
by Allyson Zacharoff
More than 520 years after Spain expelled its Jewish population, the government has eased Spanish citizenship regulations for people of Sephardic Jewish descent.
Religion and religious tolerance
by Aly Brahe
Seventeen-year-old Yago Parra wanted to protest Spanish austerity measures. He never expected to become a symbol of the fight for free expression.
by Andrea Filzen
How do Tohono O’odham tribal members feel about the primarily Latino migrants crossing through their reservation in order to pursue the "American Dream"? It's complicated.
by Carl Gierstorfer
Due to cultural preferences for sons, 100 million girls are missing worldwide. Carl Gierstorfer looks at India, a country with a highly skewed sex ratio that threatens to destabilize its society.
Asia, Gender issues, Health, Social Studies
by Gregory Gilderman, Misha Friedman
The Russian Federation confronts two devastating epidemics: widespread heroin abuse and HIV/AIDS. It appears to be losing the battle against both.
Health, The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
by Steve Sapienza, Jason Motlagh
Journalists Steve Sapienza and Jason Motlagh investigate the struggle of migrant children on Malaysia's palm oil estates to gain access to education
Asia, Economics, Food security, Globalization