by Kathleen E. McLaughlin
Reporter Kathleen McLaughlin looks at how China's efforts to provide medical aid to Africa have been corrupted by fake drugs.
Africa, Asia, Health, Human Rights
by Tom Hundley, Dan McCarey
From HIV/AIDS to malaria and tuberculosis, poor countries endure more than their share of health crises. Now they are stalked by a new nemesis on course to claim even more lives—highway fatalities.
Education and learning
Image by Eleanor Klibanoff. Nicaragua, 2013.
by Eleanor Klibanoff
In Nicaragua and El Salvador, a complete abortion ban has led to unsafe abortions and turned doctors into informants. The number of girls under 14 who give birth has increased by 48 percent.
Gender issues, Health, Human Rights, Religion and religious tolerance, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations
by Henry Molski
For more than 300 years, Scotland has been a loyal member of the United Kingdom. But in the fall of 2014, Scots will vote on whether they want to become an independent nation.
Europe, Regional/border disputes
by Yves Eudes
Le Monde journalist Yves Eudes discusses his six-part reporting project on climate change in the Arctic.
Climate change
by Fred de Sam Lazaro, Simone Ahuja
Journalists Fred de Sam Lazaro and Simone Ahuja discuss their reporting from India.
by Luke Messac
While the debate over health user fees has been raging in international development circles for decades, in Malawi the issue has a longer history, combustible politics, and intense personal relevance...
by Kerstin Egenhofer
In Malawi, people are using a deceptively simple strategy to alleviate poverty: giving poor people money and letting them decide how to spend it.
by Larry C. Price
Journalist Larry Price discusses his reporting on what it's like to be a child laborer in the gold mines of Burkina Faso.
Africa, Human Rights
Image by Nick Swyter. Panama, 2013.
by Nick Swyter
Panama is confronting its electricity crisis by constructing a major dam near a territory designated for the Ngäbe-Buglé, an indigenous people who believe the dam will threaten their way of life.
Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, Environmental Public Policy, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments
by Allison Shelley, Allyn Gaestel
Allison Shelley and Allyn Gaestel discuss the challenges of reporting on "Chaupadi: Nepali Women's Monthly Exile" and the barriers to reproductive health care faced by women in rural Nepal.
Asia, Gender issues, Health, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, World Religions
by Yves Eudes, Olivier Truc
Global warming is happening faster around the Arctic Ocean than anywhere else. To adjust to this new climate, local communities must change the way they live and work – for better and for worse.
Climate change, Europe, Globalization, Ecosystems, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments, Watersheds
by Jeffrey E. Stern
Foreign troops are leaving Afghanistan. As the decade-long effort to secure the country draws to a close, how are Afghanistan’s most vulnerable communities preparing for the challenges that lie ahead...
Defense, militarization and security, Education and learning, Modern Day Conflicts
by Jonathan Cox
India has launched programs to make healthcare available to rural families, but crippling medical bills and rampant fraud persist. Why is aid failing to reach those who need it most?
Asia, Health, Science
by Stephen Franklin
As Colombia struggles to free itself from a vortex of violence, union members, human rights activists and others still feel threatened by criminal elements––and their own government.
Human Rights, Human Rights, The Political and Social Conditions of Developing Nations, Modern Day Conflicts
Image by Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times. Egypt, 2011.
by Kenneth R. Weiss
The largest generation in history is entering its prime childbearing years, poised to add 2 billion more people to the planet. Ken Weiss investigates the causes and consequences of such rapid growth.
Food security, Science, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth
by Diksha Bali
A push-pull between Ghana’s residents and its department of waste management has been ongoing—trash bins have been stolen and open defecation is commonplace. A turnaround may be in the works.
Africa, Effect of Human Activities on the Earth, Environmental Public Policy, Freshwater Resources, Role of Water in Natural and Human-Made Environments
by Micah Fink, Maurice Tomlinson
Interview with director Micah Fink about the making of "The Abominable Crime", a film about Jamaica's violent homophobia and the brave people who stand up to it.
Gender issues, Health, Human Rights, LGBT issues, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stigma
by Shirley Coenen
The Ministry of Education in Santiago has been under attack by Chilean students who believe that a quality, free education is not a privilege but a right for all.
Education and learning
by Tom Hundley
In Indonesia and the Philippines, explosive growth and rapid modernization test religious belief and attitudes toward family planning.
Asia, Gender issues, Globalization, Health, Religion and religious tolerance