United Arab Emirates

May 24, 2017|

Field Notes: The Gulf Art War

Field notes from Kerala, epicenter of a decades-long migration to the Gulf, and from the UAE's Saadiyat Island, popular with vacationers, golfers, and seasoned conference attendees.

April 16, 2012|

UAE: Powering Down

The world’s biggest oil producers are pouring money into renewable energy. Why isn’t the United States, the world’s biggest oil consumer, following suit?

February 03, 2012|

The Persian Gulf's Nuclear Choice

The United Arab Emirates, a tiny oil-rich sheikdom across the Persian Gulf from Iran, will soon be the first Arab country to build a nuclear reactor. Who will be second?

December 12, 2016

The Gulf Art War

Negar Azimi, Knut Egil Wang

The world’s leading architects, the most vulnerable laborers, and a movement of concerned artists converge on a man-made island in the Persian Gulf called Saadiyat, which means “happiness” in Arabic.

August 15, 2012

A Risky Recipe: Fast Food Boom in Dubai

Andrew Faust

While the fast food industry in the United Arab Emirate's flourishes, a dramatic increase in obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes threatens the nation’s health.

January 04, 2012

United Arab Emirates: Iran's Nuclear Neighbor

Yochi Dreazen

U.S. officials believe Iran’s ongoing progress towards a nuclear weapon is pushing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and Turkey to follow suit, raising the odds of an Arab nuclear arms race.

April 20, 2012|

This Week in Review: After the Oil Is Gone

Pulitzer Center Senior Editor Tom Hundley highlights this week's reporting on United Arab Emirates' renewable energy investment, Afghanistan, the LRA and our new iPad book project on South Sudan.