February 13, 2012|

Finally, Tunisians Have a Lot to Say

One year after the revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, Tunisians debate the social and economic landscape of their new democracy.

October 22, 2011|

Tunisia's Surprising New Islamists

Nine months after the revolution that sparked the Arab Spring, Ellen Knickmeyer revisits two of the first Tunisians to protest against the Ben Ali regime.

February 09, 2011|

Tunisia’s Hope Deficit

The youngest part of the world is also the most chronically underemployed. Reporting from ground zero of Tunisia’s revolutionary rage, the author encounters epic frustration.

February 13, 2012

One Year After the Revolution, Where Is Tunisia Heading?

Jessie Deeter, Rob Peterson, Sara Maamouri

On the one-year anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, a nation struggles with the transition from autocracy to democracy in the face of growing unemployment and religious conservatism.

January 27, 2011

North Africa: The Young and the Restless

Ellen Knickmeyer

Ellen Knickmeyer has been traveling the Arab world from the first weeks of the revolutions to tell the story of the frustrated young generation at the heart of the unrest.

August 21, 2015|

Meet the Journalist: Alice Su

Why do young people from Jordan and Tunisia decide to join militant groups in Syria? Are they driven by ideological, economic, or other factors? How are governments trying to stop them?