March 4, 2016 /
Luke Mogelson, Moises Saman
Writer Luke Mogelson discusses reporting on the frontlines of the Mosul Liberation Force's fight against ISIS in Iraq.
January 25, 2016 / Untold Stories
Luke Mogelson, Moises Saman
Imprisoned Yazidis escape ISIS-controlled territories by way of smugglers or the web of safe houses in Syria and Iraq.
January 12, 2016 / The New Yorker
Luke Mogelson, Moises Saman
On the border of ISIS territory, Iraqi civilians fight for their survival.
January 11, 2016 / The New Yorker
Moises Saman
Pictures from the front lines of Iraq.
Makhmour, Iraq. November 19, 2015. Sunni fighters who oppose the Islamic State take up formation along the front line near the ISIS-controlled village of Haj Ali, south of Mosul. Image by Moises Saman. Iraq, 2015.
January 11, 2016
Luke Mogelson, Moises Saman
This year, a force comprised of Iraqi soldiers, Iranian-backed militias, Kurdish peshmerga, and Sunni police will attempt to retake Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, from the Islamic State, or ISIS.
November 16, 2015
Akela Lacy, Greg Constantine
Photographer's new book brings together a decade of reporting on a growing global phenomenon that now affects more than 10 million people.
November 2, 2015
Akela Lacy, Emily Feldman
Pulitzer Center grantee speaks on the global effects of the international refugee crisis given her perspective as a freelance journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey.
September 24, 2015 / Brookings Institution | Order From Chaos
Marvin Kalb
Could understanding the failure of the 1938 Evian Conference help Europe do the right thing today?
August 11, 2015 / Mashable
Emily Feldman
One year after ISIS swept into Yazidi villages, sparking an international outcry and escalating U.S. involvement in the war against the radical, Iraq’s Yazidi community is still in crisis.
July 5, 2015 / Untold Stories
Emily Feldman
A year after ISIS tried to wipe the Yazidi minority off the map, the scarred community is slowly trying to move on.
June 21, 2015 / Al Jazeera America
Emily Feldman
An art activity organized for Yazidi children displaced by ISIL became a grim reminder of how deeply they — and millions of other children in Iraq and Syria — have been traumatized by war.
June 12, 2015 / BBC World Service
Emily Feldman
Pulitzer grantee Emily Feldman reports on human smugglers rescuing Yazidi slaves held by ISIS.
June 12, 2015 / BBC World Service
Emily Feldman
Yazidis captured by ISIS seek salvation from smugglers in their community.