June 19, 2015 /
Steve Sapienza, Antigone Barton
Cambodia's sex workers have been forced underground, making their jobs far riskier. Join us for a discussion with video journalist Steve Sapienza.
Malaria is public health issue in Cambodia’s rural area near forested areas, where both locals and migrants work in agriculture, wood cutting and mining. Image by Jeffrey Lau. Cambodia, 2016.
August 10, 2016 /
Leslie Roberts
Leslie Roberts, deputy news editor at Science, traveled to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand to report on emergency efforts to eliminate malaria in the Mekong.
July 29, 2016 /
Vince Beiser
Concrete. Glass. Silicon. Our civilization is built on the most important yet most overlooked commodity in the world: sand. And we are starting to run out.
Indonesia sand mine.
July 28, 2016 / The New York Times
Vince Beiser
We use more sand than almost any other natural resource. Now, it's running low.
April 24, 2016 / Science Magazine
Leslie Roberts
A controversial strategy known as mass drug administration could be key to wiping out the disease in the Mekong region.
April 23, 2016 / Science Magazine
Leslie Roberts
As malaria experts chart their battle plans, they are looking to the past for clues.
April 21, 2016 / Science Magazine
Leslie Roberts
A remote province of Cambodia is the epicenter of possibly the greatest threat to malaria control as the deadliest malaria parasite becomes resistant to drugs.
April 7, 2016
Paul Nevin, Joanne Silberner
Paul Nevin and Joanne Silberner explore ways that public health students can leverage news media to communicate health issues in an engaging, accessible way.
December 21, 2015
Saul Elbein
Saul Elbein tells us that 41 journalists were killed in the last decade while covering the environment, more than were killed while reporting on war in Afghanistan.
November 5, 2015
Leslie Roberts
Can an emergency plan to wipe out all malaria parasites in the Mekong work before multiple drug resistance spreads? No one knows.
September 11, 2015 / She Does Podcast
Kalyanee Mam
Filmmaker speaks about her journey into journalism and what it means to report on the environment and its human stories.
July 22, 2015 / National Geographic
Kalyanee Mam
Cambodia's Areng Valley and its inhabitants lie in the proposed path of a colossal dam. National Geographic reporter Rachel Link interviews Kalyanee Mam about her film, Fight for Areng Valley.
July 2, 2015 / Link TV
Kalyanee Mam, Gary Marcuse
Filmmakers Kalyanee Mam and Gary Marcuse speak about their films "Fight for Areng Valley" and "Searching for Sacred Mountain" on LinkTV's Earth Focus.