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Facing Risk: Journalists and their Families

This lesson plan was designed for journalists and journalism students. The lesson uses the film "Facing Risk" by Pulitzer Center's Associate Producer Evey Wilson to guide a conversation about the...

Telling Science Stories: Data Visualization

This lesson shows students how journalists use data visualization to effectively communicate scientific issues—and directs students to create their own projects using the mapping platform CartoDB.

Exploring Other Countries

In this lesson, students use the Pulitzer Center website to research a specific country before giving an oral presentation. 

War and Famine

I would like to encourage students to think about the possible causes of famine, looking in particular at the interplay of human and natural causes.

How to Write a Commentary

In this lesson, students listen to a journalist discuss their reporting and then write a commentary. Students were expected to ask questions, take plenty of notes, and come up with a thesis...