Pulitzer Center Update

This Week: Kabila's Clutch on Congo


A miner shows off a piece of gold. Image by Carlos Villalon. Democratic Republic of Congo, 2006.

Kabila's Kleptocracy
Michael Kavanagh

A Bloomberg News investigation led by grantee Michael Kavanagh shines a light on Congo President Joseph Kabila’s network of business interests that reaches into every corner of the country’s economy and has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to his family. The sprawling network may explain why Kabila is ignoring pleas by the United States, the European Union and the Congolese people to hand over power when his term expires this week. “Kabila’s refusal to step down threatens to thrust his country back into the kind of chaos that cost millions of lives after his father took power nearly two decades ago.” If you are an educator, use our Lesson Builder to help your students understand the troubled history of this critical African nation and why it matters.

Born Without a Country
Lynsey Addario, Aryn Baker and
Francesca Trianni

The beginning of life could hardly be more inauspicious for babies born in refugee camps. In a project introduced on the cover of Time Magazine, grantees Lynsey Addario, Aryn Baker and Francesca Trianni are tracking these young lives over the course of their first year.

A Hero in a Time of Dictators
Ewen MacAskill

In this inspiring piece for The Guardian’s “Long Read,” grantee Ewen MacAskill tells the story of how one man’s courage made a difference and saved the lives of 30,000 others in Chile.