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This Week: Is It Too Late for Hong Kong?


Joshua Wong (center) leading pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Image by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images. China, 2014.

Is China Losing Its Grip—or Tightening It? 

Howard W. French

The deal was billed as “One country, two systems.” But 20 years after Hong Kong's handover to China by the British, things have not gone according to plan. That much was clear after Sunday's election. “As China has grown richer and more powerful, it has also become less patient and less willing to sacrifice control,” writes grantee Howard French in this piece for The Guardian. Howard, a China expert, has a new book on Chinese power, “Everything Under the Heavens.”

Worse Than Hong Kong

Xyza Bacani

Grantee Xyza Bacani, who spent a decade as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, says that conditions for migrant workers are worse in Singapore. Her images of Chinese migrants in Singapore appear on The New York Times China site.

South Sudan's Child Soldiers

Cassandra Vinograd

Grantee Cassandra Vinograd reports for Newsweek that a civil war in South Sudan is still recruiting children to do the killing. The Trump administration’s planned cuts in aid to the beleaguered nation won’t help.