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Walking With Intention: Pulitzer Center and Scouts Team up with Out of Eden Walk for Experience of a Lifetime

December 22, 2016|


Out of Eden Walk team treks Uzbekistan back roads and mountain paths

Guides and mules carefully work their way up an icy road in eastern Uzbekistan. Image by Paul Salopek. Uzbekistan, 2016.

National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek is in the midst of a 10-year walk around the world, a retracing of the migration paths of our earliest human ancestors from the Horn of Africa to Tierra del Fuego in southernmost South America. This year, his partners at the Pulitzer Center are excited to be bringing his incredible journey, the Out of Eden Walk, to the National Scout Jamboree in July and the Philmont Scout Ranch all summer long. Through a series of challenges, attendees at the Jamboree and the ranch will learn the value of Salopek’s “slow journalism” approach, and the importance of being intentional in our actions. We will have much more to share on this very soon, including a special opportunity for an incredible adventure!

Out of Eden Walk Intro Video

Watch this short video to see what the Out of Eden Walk is all about:

Out of Eden Walk from Out of Eden Walk on Vimeo.

Philmont Scout Ranch Partnership

The Pulitzer Center has partnered with the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico for two years running, bringing the lessons of the Out of Eden Walk to the 22,000 scouts and staff every summer. Read a blog post and watch a video about this amazing collaboration:

Out of Eden Walk Essay Contest Winner

Last spring we held an essay contest for scouts at Philmont, asking them to take walks in advance of their trip to the ranch and to record their thoughts and observations. The winner, Nicholas Fahy, went for a two-day hike with Paul Salopek in Uzbekistan. Read about the contest and see a blog post Fahy wrote about the experience.