'How We Got Here', PRI the World's history podcast features an interview with journalist Rebecca Hamilton on her new book, Fighting for Darfur.

Over the past several years Rebecca Hamilton has conducted over 150 interviews with policy-makers on Sudan within the previous and current U.S. administration, including Colin Powell, Stephen Hadley, Jendayi Frazer and all the Sudan envoys. She discusses the history of the Darfur movement, begun in 2004, and what it has accomplished as well as its influence on U.S. policy. She has written up her multi-year investigation into the impact of advocacy on Darfur policy in Fighting for Darfur: Public Action and the Struggle to Stop Genocide, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan in January 2011.


"Sudan in Transition” brings in-depth coverage of the cultural, political, economic and legal challenges that loom as Sudan lurches towards likely partition.


June 22, 2015 /
Akela Lacy
To honor this year's World Refugee Day, we look at the state of refugees around the world, Pulitzer's work to cover their stories, and what the future may look like for 59.5 million displaced persons...
January 9, 2014 / Reuters
Rebecca Hamilton
Three years ago, South Sudan gained independence and became its own nation. Now, it may be about to start a civil war.