In November Artcirq will travel to Guinea to collaborate with acrobats from the circus troupe, Kalabante. The film crew is requesting donations to document this trip.

On November 14th, Linda Matchan and Michele McDonald will follow Artcirq as the troupe travels to Guinea to partner with acrobats from the group Kalabante in Conakry, which supports basic education in Guinea, in a joint humanitarian mission.

The trip will show how young aboriginal people on both sides of the globe - impoverished and marginalized in a globalized world - have overcome wretched despair through the arts and are reaching out to aboriginal communities in order to help them.

In order to document it, the film crew needs to raise $50,000 in the next 30 days. Donate to the project by visiting:


In the remote northern reaches of one of the wealthiest countries of the world is an aboriginal community whose young people are slowly perishing by suicide.


Guinean acrobat Yamoussa Bangoura performing with Artcirq in Ottawa in 2009.
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A school that is part academics, part circus, educates and inspires youth living amidst Guinea's infrastructural problems, poor public health and political corruption.
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